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Readings Available $5 and Up

          We are happy to inform you that we are offering wonderful pricing on our Spiritual Seer Readings (Psychic Readings). We have some available for as low as $5! These are very affordable and will give you extremely fast and accurate answers. We put a lot of time into all of our readings. So rest assure no matter how much it costs we take the time to give you the best answers. We created these $5 readings so you kind get a feel at what our processes are and begin to form a trusting bond with us. The messages contained in these readings are truthful and honest. We will be gentle but won't sugar coat anything that may come through. But don't be afraid. We strive to see the silver lining in all possibilities. 

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          We are so sure you will be 100% happy with our readings that we offer the following. If you are not 100% satisfied with your reading or the process then no worries. We will offer you another entirely FREE reading at no cost to you. We do this not only because we are sure we can and will give you honest accurate answers, but because we want you to know that you can trust us!!

Much Love & Light To You

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Psychic Readings With Melody & Dwayne

Readings starting at $5!! Come See Our Selection!!
Spiritual See's Melody & Dwayne

          Dwayne and I have been offering our spiritual assistance for quite some time via internet and face to face. We have had a wide range of people come to us for help in various areas of their life. We are 100% sure we can help you in any matter you may have. We each offer separate readings for your needs and convenience. From various Tarot Readings to Dream Interpretations, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from.
          It is our commitment to helping people which keep us going. We have each had our own experiences in reaching our spiritual awakening and advancements. It has been a long road for each of us, but now that we have learned we would like to pass that knowledge onto you. We work with the light and high energies to get the best most accurate and detailed readings for you. Our readings are not sugar coated. They are honest yet are revealed to you with genuine love and compassion. We know the questions and assistance you require means a lot to you. Therefore, it means just as much to us as well. We want to give you the most for your money and help you along your journey through life.

A Little About Our Spiritual History

          Ever since I was a very young child I was attracted to advancing my spirituality and seeking nature. My love for these things quite often had me feeling a bit like an outsider. I would seek out books on palm readings, tarot, magic, and witchcraft. I would also draw people who I had never met before, and write things down that seemed as though they didn't come from me. I would often find myself gazing up into the sky or off in various places in deep contemplation. My entire life I have always had a strong love for both God and Jesus. My beliefs now are quite blended, and I feel I have achieved a wonderful enlightened balance. With my belief in the creator of all I seek out spiritual truth and wisdom. As I reached adulthood I slowly began to realize that these things were gifts. As I began to grow stronger spiritually I knew that I had something I could offer the world. I go through my life with the goals to stay calm, peaceful, understanding, and to emit love and light. These things also carry over into my readings. I give as much detail and truth as possible, and make sure my customers feel 100% safe with purchasing from me.


          As a child I was able to see certain things that I wasn't sure others could see. A few of these would be angelic beings, spirits, etc. Throughout my life I was able to see these things without really trying. Often I would witness something pass by the living room, front yard, or random places and notice that nobody else seemed to acknowledge it. My mom and grandmother had a strong knowledge of myth, superstitions, and rules which they passed down to me throughout my childhood. I stayed to myself a lot as a child and seemed to be consumed within my own thoughts. Into adulthood I found myself more in tune with it. There was a gap in between as I was transitioning from a boy into adulthood where I lost touch with my spirituality due to various obstacles that were placed in front of me. As I began to spend time to myself again without going out and doing things every night  I began to find this lost spirituality. I began to see the things from my childhood again. I would receive random urges to tell someone something. I also found myself attracted to the spiritual teachings of various forms of witchcraft. The knowledge of burning candles and incense and their meanings has always came natural to me. My goal with my readings are to offer people truth, knowledge, and spiritual guidance. So that my customers will be on their own path of enlightenment. 

We have readings starting as low as $5! 

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Pendulum's And How To Use Them

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          Pendulums are fun and can be very helpful in our lives. You may not be completely aware of what a pendulum is. But I bet you do know something its often associated with. Spirit Boards! No its not an evil device that seeks out the devil. Yes it can be a little dangerous if done wrong or treated as a game. But pendulums can be the best experience when it comes to spirituality that you've ever had.
         We'll go into the small set of warnings in a bit. For right now I want to express how these beautiful tools can be beneficial to you. For one, I'm sure you all are aware or have heard of spirit guides and guardians. Have you ever thought about speaking with them? Has it
Copyright © 2014 Melody & Dwayne - All Rights Reserved
crossed your mind what might happen if you did get a chance to talk with them? Well if you haven't perhaps now is the time.
          Spirit Guides and Guardians are there during our lifetimes, and who knows maybe even beyond in the after. They are there to help us along the way. They nudge us in the right directions at times, and can help us when we're down. However, too often we have our faces in a screen being bombarded with information. How can we hear when we're never listening. They want us to listen for them. To stop, even for a moment, and listen.
        Speaking with them is as easy as calling out for them. You can speak with them during deep meditations, sometimes during dreams, and even in waking visions. Sometimes you may hear a voice in your mind that sounds like your own. It may be a voice of guidance or an urge to turn down a certain road or avoid a certain area. These are the moments they're speaking with us. Yes, its as easy as that. Have you ever been in your car and not had music playing. Or perhaps you were in the bathroom. Its a shame that now days our only quiet time is in the car, sleeping, or bathroom. But these times you will notice your mind wondering off in various directions. It almost appears as though you have no control over your thoughts. One comes and goes only to be followed by another.
         Speaking with your guides and guardians through the pendulum is easy. All you need to do is hold the pendulum in your hand. Make sure the room is silent with no distractions. You can rest your elbow on your knee or a table as you hold the pendulum. Then ask either out loud or in your mind silently the following. "Pendulum please show me yes." The pendulum should then begin to swing back and forth or in a certain way. This is your answer for yes. Proceed with, "show me no," and "show me maybe," and etc. If for some reason your pendulum isn't moving. Simply sit there silently with a clear mind and hold the pendulum. Look at it and take in its sight. Feel how its textured. Is it warm or cool, rough or smooth, long or short? This is a way of empowering the pendulum with your energy. Clear your mind of all expectations and try again. Eventually it will work! You can then proceed to asking it a variety of questions. For example you can ask it yes or no questions. However refrain from asking questions regarding other people. If you do ask for permission to ask. For example... "May I ask a few questions about so and so?" If the answer is no then leave it at that. Think of it like invading so and so's privacy. Their guides may not be permitting you to know.
         I never ask questions about my future. Simply put, I don't want to know. I'd rather it be a surprise. But I do know people who ask about theirs. This can be tricky only because if you have your heart set on marrying Bob or Jane... Your actual future may have you being with Jim or Tina. However, we also have free will. Our guides cannot effect our free will. That is a very powerful gift from God. So some questions will not be set in stone. What is present today may not be tomorrow. However, what I do ask is mainly about them, the universe, and other places I cannot physically go. I have also asked about my spirituality and if I am on the right path. I've asked before about how I can be more spiritual and connected with God and the things around me. Basically whatever feels right and good.
        Now I would like to warn about a few things. Think about the well known spirit boards. How many tales have we heard when things went wrong! This is because people treat it like a game. These practices are no games! They are meant for spiritual advancement, and to find out knowledge from the beings that for good. When using a pendulum or even a spirit board do not seek out just any spirit. By beginning the session with, "are there any spirits out there who want to talk to me," this brings the bad ones. Yes, there are spirits around us all the time. When you word it like that guess which ones are going to be the first to come through. Yep you got it! The evil or negative ones. If at any time during a session you have anything evil or negative come through immediately end the session. Be sure to thank the guides and guardians for their messages, wisdom, and knowledge. Then be sure to say you are closing the session. This way you won't leave anything open.
        How do you avoid these kinds of spirits? Well you always begin your sessions with a blessing or a prayer. Then you will want to envision a layer of white light around you. This light will be filled with love and protection. Envision the white light stretching from your heart circling around you as far away as you would like. Nothing evil or negative can come through that white light coming from the base of you... your heart. If you do this I promise nothing bad will come through. Go in to each session with your pendulum with love, beauty, peace, and contentment in your heart. If you do that you will have the most pleasant experience!

With all that being said I want to welcome you to our online shop Dark Secret Creations. We sell a wide variety of metaphysical, spiritual, and unique items. Some of these include readings, candles, sachets, and pendulums. Please stop by and pick up a handmade one of a kind beautiful pendulum to use during your sessions. Everything we make is made with love. Rest assure we don't just want money. In this material world we live in we all need cash, but that is not the basis of why we sell these. So many shops put spells and other magical items  together with the wrong intent. Rest assure everything that comes from either of our shops, Moonlight Jewelers or Dark Secret Creations, will be made with the highest love and light.

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The two pictures above are pendulums we offer in our shop along with many more designs! If you don't see one you like we can custom make one for you!

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Remembering Dreams And Making A Dream Journal

Remembering Dreams & Making A Dream Journal

The video above is from me, Melody, on my YouTube Channel. Subscribe to my channel if you like! The link will be below. Anyway the video is about dreams and why you should want to remember them. I also talk about how to make a dream journal. Dreams are like journey's of the soul. We spend 1/3 of our lives in an entirely different world. Think of dreams like another realm you can travel to on using the portal of sleep. I hope this video helps you. I really urge all of you to make a Dream Journal! Its easy and really fun! You don't have to be a writer to do it or even creative. All you have to do is write what you remember in whatever way suits you best. Please don't be discouraged if nothing happens at first. Its a process that takes time. Good things come to those who wait. It may take some time to really begin remembering your dreams, but as you progress it will get easier and easier.
          If you have a dream that's been bothering you and you're not quite sure what it means I can help you! Through our shop here we offer my own personal dream interpretation. Its $15 and for that price I will use my own personal techniques that I have used to interpret my own dreams and those of my loved ones. The PDF format interpretation will be delivered to you in the email you provide me within 1-3 days, but in most cases it will be within the same day depending on the time purchased. No worries I keep your email safe, and I promise nobody else will see your dream, name, or email besides me or Dwayne. 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Psychic Readings

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          You know I really don't like using the term "Psychic". It makes seers seem like a bunch of fakers who sit on 1800 lines waiting for your credit card numbers. Let me assure everyone. Not all people are like that. Not all people who claim to these things are lying to you. Actually you can consider real psychics having extra forms of intuition. Some people are naturally born on this earth with enhanced senses to feel and sometimes see the things that are normally beyond our human capabilities. Its not devilish or demonic. Its simply becoming more in tune with the things around us that God has created and gifted to us. 
          Think of it like this. You've been praying and asking for help regarding a few matters in your life which you're not sure what to do about. It seems like nothing is happening! Why would God not answer you? Why would the angels not guide you to a solution? I bet you've been in this predicament. We all have! Chances are the answers have been revealed to you, but you didn't hear it. God simply isn't going to come down sit in the chair in front of you and be like "hey, I think you should go over here and do it like this." The bible says God works in mysterious ways and he does. The angels do too! The guides are speaking to you, but you cannot hear them. We're constantly being bombarded with sounds and sights coming from our electronic devices all the time! Televisions are constantly in front of us, music in our ears, phone screens in our faces. We always have something around us that is very distracting.
          But there is a solution. Take a few moments out of your daily lives to stop and hear nothing. Go somewhere where you can be alone. Somewhere where there is no sounds or distracting devices. Close your eyes and relax. This is the simplest form of meditation. I once knew this man when I was young. He was a father to one of my youth group mates. He had been in an accident and had no legs. For years he had to rely on his wheel chair. But he didn't let that get him down. He still drove his truck without help, and got around perfectly fine. But one thing he said will forever remain in my mind. He told us that he never listens to music when he's alone in his car. No matter if he's driving to the store or to work. He drives in silence and listens. He said he would something talk with God and the angels. Even though he didn't physically hear their answers, he knew they were there listening to him. Our guides and the angels are constantly around us and are there for us. They will answer us if we give them a chance. Likely it will be in the form of a thought. It may appear to be our own words and thoughts. But as you progress in your spirituality you will realize that it isn't only your thoughts. 
        For example have you ever heard someone say something like, "God spoke to me this morning." I'm sure you have and if you're like me you're wondering how can they hear God's words so clearly. Well they heard the messages from the angels and guides that are around them all the time. They knew that the thoughts that popped in their head at that exact moment wasn't their own. They knew it was divine intervention. 
          Above is a reading that I do on the Dark Secret Creations shop page. I offer this because so often people yearn for answers or guidance in their lives. But maybe they just can't hear the messages their guides are offering clearly enough. This is where spiritual counselors such as seers can come in. But I do ever so warn you. Don't purchase a reading from just anyone. Many people are not genuine and when it comes to the answers you're seeking you want the 100% honest truth in the purest light possible. Don't be afraid to ask your seer questions regarding their spirituality. If they're unwilling to answer then chances are they're not genuine. Thank you so very much for reading this. If you have any questions about us, me, my readings, or any shop processes please feel free to ask. Stop by our shop to look around. You might find something that's been waiting for you. 

Much Light and Love to you with Blessings,

Monday, September 8, 2014

News & Updates

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          Thank you for stopping by our blog! I wanted to take a moment to welcome you! If you've been here before then welcome back! If you haven't then its very nice to see you! 

          Dwayne and I have been busy with our shops lately. As you may know besides this one we have another, Moonlight Jewelers. We're trying to get all of the new items out as fast as possible. It poses a rough task, but its one we're willing to do. We're very proud of our shops. We always hand out our business cards and whenever our friends ask what we've been up too.... Guess what we say? Yep, working on the shops. Haha. Its always an ongoing process, but I think they're coming alone well. Dark Secret Creations is relatively new. We haven't had our items up for sale for too long, and are eager to fully stock the shop page! Moonlight Jewelers has been up and running for just over a year. I would have never guessed that it would have done so well in its first year! When we first had the idea I figured it wouldn't go anywhere. Little did I know. We enjoy it so much. For example, recently on Moonlight Jewelers we got a review. It was a 5 star review and one thing the lady said was she was very lucky to have her necklace she bought from us. She also proceeded to tell us that it inspired a story for her. That is why we do this! That made our day!

Melody & Dwayne Elliott ©Copyright All Rights Reserved
          One thing I would love to discuss for a moment is our Readings section in our shop. We offer a growing range of different psychic readings. Mainly they're Tarot and Dream Interpretations. I am the main one who does these readings, but Dwayne is currently working on a few techniques. Anyway, all of my tarot readings are done with an Angel Tarot Deck that I have. It features all the same messages of a traditional deck, but with a more pleasant atmosphere. Think about it...

            You walk into a Psychic's shop and sit down for a reading. She preps her deck and draws the card. You see the Death card and then comes the Devil card. That would probably scare most people into leaving without thinking twice. Those cards aren't necessarily bad, but the pictures and names do tend to scare sensitive people off. So rest assure you will not get any scary cards in my readings. You will get an accurate reading that won't scare the wits out of you.

          As you may have noticed I've done a post about my Dream Interpretations. So I'm not going to go too in depth with that. Check out my past post regarding it. But I can tell you that I have been interpreting dreams for a very long time. I've always been drawn to such things. I remember being in elementary school looking in the library for books on the Witch Trials. I actually also remember when those scholastic book fairs would come to the school. They would have some books on palm reading and such. I always went straight for those type of books... when my parents could afford to give me the money. I was also always into horoscopes, but came to find out that those aren't always so accurate. I'm kind of up on the air with those, but I do know a lot about astrology. 

Melody & Dwayne Elliott ©Copyright All Rights Reserved
           Some of our future items include a few booklets about Meditation and how to get the most out of your calming time. We have many more pendulums to come, but that's a whole other subject all together haha. Candles, art, photography, the list literally goes on and on! We have a large accumulation of hand picked and dried plants and flowers. We're going to be offering our mixtures for uses in your own rituals. We've thought about a lot. So keep a look out on our shop for upcoming items! 

          Thank you for visiting our website! Please check out our shop! If you have any questions regarding anything about us, our shop, etc simply ask. We will answer as soon as possible. May you be blessed on your journey! Merry Meet!

Love Always, 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Natural Magick

Picture Taken By Dwayne & Melody
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          Nature can be magical and mysterious. In many ways it is both beautiful and intimidating. It can have both good and bad aspects. Nature is magic. Its the small sparkling dew drops on a bright green leaf, and the bugs crawling in the soil. Its the bird flying free in the sky, the animal frolicking through the forest, and the creature swimming in the depths of the seas. Its the sky and the many galaxies that make up our universe. The stardust that created everything is in all we see, even you and I. This is natural magick, pure, elemental, mysterious, powerful, and plentiful. 

          Elemental Magick or Natural Magick doesn't have to spark up the ever going controversies surrounding spells. Natural magic is harnessing the energy that is in everything we see using the elements, earth, air, fire, water, spirit. The rocks, dirt, plants, animals, bugs, and even us humans all have this energy. This type of magick is pure and good. It comes from the creation of all and the creator of all. The first healers of this earth, which is the beginning of modern medicine, used these energies for healing. The sorcerers of old used these practices in their potions. And many people use this power without ever realizing.

          Think about the last time you were smelling your favorite flower. How did it make you feel? Did you close your eyes and take in the scent? Did you feel slightly calmer afterwards? Perhaps it was a rose which sparked up feelings of love, or honeysuckle which calmed and cleared your mind. What about the fresh scent of rosemary or mint? These plants have scents that can literally calm you. Each plant has its own beneficial energies. This is a form of Magical Herbalism or Natural Healing. 

Picture Taken By Dwayne & Melody
©2014 All Rights Reserved

          Picture a woman standing on a shoreline. The sand between her toes, shells scattered around, and the ocean waves crashing up against the beach. The wind begins to blow and the breeze flows through her hair. The fire of the sun sets on the horizon in front of her. She thinks about everything she's been through in life, the past, the present, and the possibilities of her future. Finally, she thinks about her deepest strongest wish for her future. Without realizing it she whispers it into the wind. As the wind carries the words across the misty ocean her desire has been manifested out into the universe. This is natural magick in its purest forms! A natural spell she never new she cast.

          The woman above manifested her desire without even realizing it. She harnessed the powers of the things around her by means of the elements water, air, fire, earth, and spirit. Water being the ocean, Fire being the sun, Air being the wind, Earth being the sand and shells, and Spirit being her. Many times through our life we will experience these moments, but sadly some of us will never realize. Some will never feel the power of the ocean or the mysterious energies of the forest. Think of the movie Pocahontas and the popular song Colors Of The Wind. I'm sure most of us are familiar with the song, but if not research it. "Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?" The earth is not a dead lifeless thing. Its filled with energy and good things waiting for us to see. Natural Magick once you fully understand can be the most enchanting experience.

Please remember to stop by our shop and see all the unique items we have!
Blessings, Light, & Love

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dream Interpretation

Picture Taken & Designed By Dwayne & Melody
Dream Interpretation

The place where we all go each night, no not the bedroom. I'm referring to "dreamland". Where do our minds venture in the approximate 8 hours every night when we sleep. Sleep helps to revive our bodies. It rejuvenates us when we've had a rough day. But dreams... what exactly do they do? What are they for? Why do we have them? 

This has been the topic of conversation with many people throughout the beginning of time. Everyone who has ever lived has dreamed. What we dream of, likely, they have too. People who lived thousands of years ago has had that same dream of falling off a cliff. But why... Nobody really knows the true answer. Some say its images and sounds that are brought to our minds at night, because while our bodies are asleep our mind is not. Other's say we venture outside the body into an entirely new realm and place of existence. Whatever the true answer to the question one thing is for sure. Dreams have a tendency to contain messages that are useful to our waking selves. We dream in the state of REM which is Rapid Eye Movement. This is the period during the sleep cycle in which dreams are best remembered and are more abundant. Its the deepest stage of sleep when your eyes move behind your lids fast, breathing becomes inconsistent, heart rate goes down, and of course you have no control over movements in your body. 

The meaning behind dreams can be very puzzling. Sometimes we may have very complex dreams rich with symbolism, and others simple and pure. But how do we know which dreams mean something? Well one thing to keep in mind is whatever you did the night or day before. If you're having a troubling day at work or bills weighing on your mind your worries may manifest into your dreams. These cases should be taken as not a warning or meaning, but simply to examine what is going on. These types of dreams may help you reflect on what is going on in your waking life. But if the dreams and details seem to come out of nowhere it is likely these are messages. Whether from your subconscious mind, angels, or guardians... these are the details that are really good to pay attention to. 

Its good to keep a dream journal beside where you sleep. That way if you wake up in the middle of a dream you can quickly jot down the details. The longer your awake after a dream the more likely you will forget. The more you write in your dream journal, the more you will eventually remember. After a while remembering your dreams will become second nature. This is a good first step if you're going to try interpreting your dreams. 

I've been examining and interpreting my dreams since I was a child. I don't know why, but the meanings behind the symbolism and detail intrigued me. I began to help my close friends and family with interpreting their dreams. Even a chat with a stranger, if it led to a discussion of dreams I would try to bring them insight into the deeper meaning. My experience with dream interpretation has led me to begin helping people discover the messages that have been sent to them each night. Interpreting your dreams isn't hard, but can be intimidating. My suggestions would be to buy a dream dictionary. Or you can visit an online version. The one I have used a lot is Remember anything that "jumps out" at you. Any colors, symbols, smells, people, feelings, etc. These are all key aspects which should be taken into consideration when preforming a dream interpretation. 

However, if you aren't confident enough to begin on your own yet I can help you. I currently offer my dream interpretations at an affordable price. I understand that dreams can seemingly "haunt" you. Sometimes you will have a dream and it will reoccur. Whatever the case or cause, my dream interpretations can help you. Like I stated before, I have years of experience interpreting dreams. In some cases I will automatically know the meaning of the dream without even consulting my book. The process I take in analyzing your dream and offering up your interpretation is done with both care and love. The dream means a lot to you, therefore revealing its messages means a lot to me. 

If you would like to know more about how to purchase a Dream Interpretation or Dream Reading please visit the link below. It is a direct link to the listing under the Readings Category of our Dark Secret Creations shop. 

Dream Interpretation / Dream Reading Link

Thank you very much for listening.
Blessed Be,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shop With Us

          That's us Dwayne and Melody. We're owners of the online shop for One Of A Kind Handcrafted Jewelry, Moonlight Jewelers. We welcome you to our all new shop, Dark Secret Creations. Within this shop you will find a wide range of items with a Metaphysical, Spiritual, Unique twist. We have a lot of photography and art available that we made or took ourselves. All the other items you find were created by us as well. We wanted to let our spirituality shine through with this shop in hopes that we would be able to share a piece of it with others.
          Now on with some of the things you will see in this blog. We will be posting information about new items that are available in the shop, any upcoming craft shows we might be attending, and other random stuff we find interesting. You will find a lot about New Age beliefs on here, but we have complex beliefs so it will be a blend.
          What's new in the shop? I'm glad you asked. We currently have a growing stock of items. Some of the items are already made and awaiting their new owners. Others are made to order. The art we have currently is digital art using methods such as fractal imagery. The item below is titled Citrine Galaxy, and you can purchase a print with the link below. The image you receive will not have the Dark Secret Creations watermark.
    Go To Citrine Galaxy Listing
Citrine Galaxy
This is just one of the items we have, but the future holds much in store for this shop. We have paintings on the way, and other items you can get with our art and photography on them. We're very excited about all of this. But onto the next few items. Rune stones and Pendulums we have available. The Pendulum can also be used as a Bookmark. Both of these are tools used in divination. They each have a lengthy history about where they came from. Rune stones are dated back to the Nordic people. Pendulums have been used for centuries in various
ways by doctors, scientists, and every day people like us.
Rune Stone Listing
Pendulum Listing
 With both of these you will receive a small printed booklet which contains information such as how to use your item, a brief history, how to take care of your item, etc. For the rune stones the booklet will include a little about what each symbol means. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more items in the Dark Secret Creations shop and stop by our Moonlight Jewelers shop for all of your Handcrafted Jewelry needs.
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