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Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation

The place where we all go each night, no not the bedroom. I'm referring to "dreamland". Where do our minds venture in the approximate 8 hours every night when we sleep. Sleep helps to revive our bodies. It rejuvenates us when we've had a rough day. But dreams... what exactly do they do? What are they for? Why do we have them? 

This has been the topic of conversation with many people throughout the beginning of time. Everyone who has ever lived has dreamed. What we dream of, likely, they have too. People who lived thousands of years ago has had that same dream of falling off a cliff. But why... Nobody really knows the true answer. Some say its images and sounds that are brought to our minds at night, because while our bodies are asleep our mind is not. Other's say we venture outside the body into an entirely new realm and place of existence. Whatever the true answer to the question one thing is for sure. Dreams have a tendency to contain messages that are useful to our waking selves. We dream in the state of REM which is Rapid Eye Movement. This is the period during the sleep cycle in which dreams are best remembered and are more abundant. Its the deepest stage of sleep when your eyes move behind your lids fast, breathing becomes inconsistent, heart rate goes down, and of course you have no control over movements in your body. 

The meaning behind dreams can be very puzzling. Sometimes we may have very complex dreams rich with symbolism, and others simple and pure. But how do we know which dreams mean something? Well one thing to keep in mind is whatever you did the night or day before. If you're having a troubling day at work or bills weighing on your mind your worries may manifest into your dreams. These cases should be taken as not a warning or meaning, but simply to examine what is going on. These types of dreams may help you reflect on what is going on in your waking life. But if the dreams and details seem to come out of nowhere it is likely these are messages. Whether from your subconscious mind, angels, or guardians... these are the details that are really good to pay attention to. 

Its good to keep a dream journal beside where you sleep. That way if you wake up in the middle of a dream you can quickly jot down the details. The longer your awake after a dream the more likely you will forget. The more you write in your dream journal, the more you will eventually remember. After a while remembering your dreams will become second nature. This is a good first step if you're going to try interpreting your dreams. 

I've been examining and interpreting my dreams since I was a child. I don't know why, but the meanings behind the symbolism and detail intrigued me. I began to help my close friends and family with interpreting their dreams. Even a chat with a stranger, if it led to a discussion of dreams I would try to bring them insight into the deeper meaning. My experience with dream interpretation has led me to begin helping people discover the messages that have been sent to them each night. Interpreting your dreams isn't hard, but can be intimidating. My suggestions would be to buy a dream dictionary. Or you can visit an online version. The one I have used a lot is Dreammoods.com. Remember anything that "jumps out" at you. Any colors, symbols, smells, people, feelings, etc. These are all key aspects which should be taken into consideration when preforming a dream interpretation. 

However, if you aren't confident enough to begin on your own yet I can help you. I currently offer my dream interpretations at an affordable price. I understand that dreams can seemingly "haunt" you. Sometimes you will have a dream and it will reoccur. Whatever the case or cause, my dream interpretations can help you. Like I stated before, I have years of experience interpreting dreams. In some cases I will automatically know the meaning of the dream without even consulting my book. The process I take in analyzing your dream and offering up your interpretation is done with both care and love. The dream means a lot to you, therefore revealing its messages means a lot to me. 

If you would like to know more about how to purchase a Dream Interpretation or Dream Reading please visit the link below. It is a direct link to the listing under the Readings Category of our Dark Secret Creations shop. 

Dream Interpretation / Dream Reading Link

Thank you very much for listening.
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