Thursday, July 10, 2014

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          That's us Dwayne and Melody. We're owners of the online shop for One Of A Kind Handcrafted Jewelry, Moonlight Jewelers. We welcome you to our all new shop, Dark Secret Creations. Within this shop you will find a wide range of items with a Metaphysical, Spiritual, Unique twist. We have a lot of photography and art available that we made or took ourselves. All the other items you find were created by us as well. We wanted to let our spirituality shine through with this shop in hopes that we would be able to share a piece of it with others.
          Now on with some of the things you will see in this blog. We will be posting information about new items that are available in the shop, any upcoming craft shows we might be attending, and other random stuff we find interesting. You will find a lot about New Age beliefs on here, but we have complex beliefs so it will be a blend.
          What's new in the shop? I'm glad you asked. We currently have a growing stock of items. Some of the items are already made and awaiting their new owners. Others are made to order. The art we have currently is digital art using methods such as fractal imagery. The item below is titled Citrine Galaxy, and you can purchase a print with the link below. The image you receive will not have the Dark Secret Creations watermark.
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Citrine Galaxy
This is just one of the items we have, but the future holds much in store for this shop. We have paintings on the way, and other items you can get with our art and photography on them. We're very excited about all of this. But onto the next few items. Rune stones and Pendulums we have available. The Pendulum can also be used as a Bookmark. Both of these are tools used in divination. They each have a lengthy history about where they came from. Rune stones are dated back to the Nordic people. Pendulums have been used for centuries in various
ways by doctors, scientists, and every day people like us.
Rune Stone Listing
Pendulum Listing
 With both of these you will receive a small printed booklet which contains information such as how to use your item, a brief history, how to take care of your item, etc. For the rune stones the booklet will include a little about what each symbol means. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more items in the Dark Secret Creations shop and stop by our Moonlight Jewelers shop for all of your Handcrafted Jewelry needs.
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