Monday, September 8, 2014

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          Thank you for stopping by our blog! I wanted to take a moment to welcome you! If you've been here before then welcome back! If you haven't then its very nice to see you! 

          Dwayne and I have been busy with our shops lately. As you may know besides this one we have another, Moonlight Jewelers. We're trying to get all of the new items out as fast as possible. It poses a rough task, but its one we're willing to do. We're very proud of our shops. We always hand out our business cards and whenever our friends ask what we've been up too.... Guess what we say? Yep, working on the shops. Haha. Its always an ongoing process, but I think they're coming alone well. Dark Secret Creations is relatively new. We haven't had our items up for sale for too long, and are eager to fully stock the shop page! Moonlight Jewelers has been up and running for just over a year. I would have never guessed that it would have done so well in its first year! When we first had the idea I figured it wouldn't go anywhere. Little did I know. We enjoy it so much. For example, recently on Moonlight Jewelers we got a review. It was a 5 star review and one thing the lady said was she was very lucky to have her necklace she bought from us. She also proceeded to tell us that it inspired a story for her. That is why we do this! That made our day!

Melody & Dwayne Elliott ©Copyright All Rights Reserved
          One thing I would love to discuss for a moment is our Readings section in our shop. We offer a growing range of different psychic readings. Mainly they're Tarot and Dream Interpretations. I am the main one who does these readings, but Dwayne is currently working on a few techniques. Anyway, all of my tarot readings are done with an Angel Tarot Deck that I have. It features all the same messages of a traditional deck, but with a more pleasant atmosphere. Think about it...

            You walk into a Psychic's shop and sit down for a reading. She preps her deck and draws the card. You see the Death card and then comes the Devil card. That would probably scare most people into leaving without thinking twice. Those cards aren't necessarily bad, but the pictures and names do tend to scare sensitive people off. So rest assure you will not get any scary cards in my readings. You will get an accurate reading that won't scare the wits out of you.

          As you may have noticed I've done a post about my Dream Interpretations. So I'm not going to go too in depth with that. Check out my past post regarding it. But I can tell you that I have been interpreting dreams for a very long time. I've always been drawn to such things. I remember being in elementary school looking in the library for books on the Witch Trials. I actually also remember when those scholastic book fairs would come to the school. They would have some books on palm reading and such. I always went straight for those type of books... when my parents could afford to give me the money. I was also always into horoscopes, but came to find out that those aren't always so accurate. I'm kind of up on the air with those, but I do know a lot about astrology. 

Melody & Dwayne Elliott ©Copyright All Rights Reserved
           Some of our future items include a few booklets about Meditation and how to get the most out of your calming time. We have many more pendulums to come, but that's a whole other subject all together haha. Candles, art, photography, the list literally goes on and on! We have a large accumulation of hand picked and dried plants and flowers. We're going to be offering our mixtures for uses in your own rituals. We've thought about a lot. So keep a look out on our shop for upcoming items! 

          Thank you for visiting our website! Please check out our shop! If you have any questions regarding anything about us, our shop, etc simply ask. We will answer as soon as possible. May you be blessed on your journey! Merry Meet!

Love Always, 

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