Sunday, September 14, 2014

Psychic Readings

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          You know I really don't like using the term "Psychic". It makes seers seem like a bunch of fakers who sit on 1800 lines waiting for your credit card numbers. Let me assure everyone. Not all people are like that. Not all people who claim to these things are lying to you. Actually you can consider real psychics having extra forms of intuition. Some people are naturally born on this earth with enhanced senses to feel and sometimes see the things that are normally beyond our human capabilities. Its not devilish or demonic. Its simply becoming more in tune with the things around us that God has created and gifted to us. 
          Think of it like this. You've been praying and asking for help regarding a few matters in your life which you're not sure what to do about. It seems like nothing is happening! Why would God not answer you? Why would the angels not guide you to a solution? I bet you've been in this predicament. We all have! Chances are the answers have been revealed to you, but you didn't hear it. God simply isn't going to come down sit in the chair in front of you and be like "hey, I think you should go over here and do it like this." The bible says God works in mysterious ways and he does. The angels do too! The guides are speaking to you, but you cannot hear them. We're constantly being bombarded with sounds and sights coming from our electronic devices all the time! Televisions are constantly in front of us, music in our ears, phone screens in our faces. We always have something around us that is very distracting.
          But there is a solution. Take a few moments out of your daily lives to stop and hear nothing. Go somewhere where you can be alone. Somewhere where there is no sounds or distracting devices. Close your eyes and relax. This is the simplest form of meditation. I once knew this man when I was young. He was a father to one of my youth group mates. He had been in an accident and had no legs. For years he had to rely on his wheel chair. But he didn't let that get him down. He still drove his truck without help, and got around perfectly fine. But one thing he said will forever remain in my mind. He told us that he never listens to music when he's alone in his car. No matter if he's driving to the store or to work. He drives in silence and listens. He said he would something talk with God and the angels. Even though he didn't physically hear their answers, he knew they were there listening to him. Our guides and the angels are constantly around us and are there for us. They will answer us if we give them a chance. Likely it will be in the form of a thought. It may appear to be our own words and thoughts. But as you progress in your spirituality you will realize that it isn't only your thoughts. 
        For example have you ever heard someone say something like, "God spoke to me this morning." I'm sure you have and if you're like me you're wondering how can they hear God's words so clearly. Well they heard the messages from the angels and guides that are around them all the time. They knew that the thoughts that popped in their head at that exact moment wasn't their own. They knew it was divine intervention. 
          Above is a reading that I do on the Dark Secret Creations shop page. I offer this because so often people yearn for answers or guidance in their lives. But maybe they just can't hear the messages their guides are offering clearly enough. This is where spiritual counselors such as seers can come in. But I do ever so warn you. Don't purchase a reading from just anyone. Many people are not genuine and when it comes to the answers you're seeking you want the 100% honest truth in the purest light possible. Don't be afraid to ask your seer questions regarding their spirituality. If they're unwilling to answer then chances are they're not genuine. Thank you so very much for reading this. If you have any questions about us, me, my readings, or any shop processes please feel free to ask. Stop by our shop to look around. You might find something that's been waiting for you. 

Much Light and Love to you with Blessings,

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