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Pendulum's And How To Use Them

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          Pendulums are fun and can be very helpful in our lives. You may not be completely aware of what a pendulum is. But I bet you do know something its often associated with. Spirit Boards! No its not an evil device that seeks out the devil. Yes it can be a little dangerous if done wrong or treated as a game. But pendulums can be the best experience when it comes to spirituality that you've ever had.
         We'll go into the small set of warnings in a bit. For right now I want to express how these beautiful tools can be beneficial to you. For one, I'm sure you all are aware or have heard of spirit guides and guardians. Have you ever thought about speaking with them? Has it
Copyright © 2014 Melody & Dwayne - All Rights Reserved
crossed your mind what might happen if you did get a chance to talk with them? Well if you haven't perhaps now is the time.
          Spirit Guides and Guardians are there during our lifetimes, and who knows maybe even beyond in the after. They are there to help us along the way. They nudge us in the right directions at times, and can help us when we're down. However, too often we have our faces in a screen being bombarded with information. How can we hear when we're never listening. They want us to listen for them. To stop, even for a moment, and listen.
        Speaking with them is as easy as calling out for them. You can speak with them during deep meditations, sometimes during dreams, and even in waking visions. Sometimes you may hear a voice in your mind that sounds like your own. It may be a voice of guidance or an urge to turn down a certain road or avoid a certain area. These are the moments they're speaking with us. Yes, its as easy as that. Have you ever been in your car and not had music playing. Or perhaps you were in the bathroom. Its a shame that now days our only quiet time is in the car, sleeping, or bathroom. But these times you will notice your mind wondering off in various directions. It almost appears as though you have no control over your thoughts. One comes and goes only to be followed by another.
         Speaking with your guides and guardians through the pendulum is easy. All you need to do is hold the pendulum in your hand. Make sure the room is silent with no distractions. You can rest your elbow on your knee or a table as you hold the pendulum. Then ask either out loud or in your mind silently the following. "Pendulum please show me yes." The pendulum should then begin to swing back and forth or in a certain way. This is your answer for yes. Proceed with, "show me no," and "show me maybe," and etc. If for some reason your pendulum isn't moving. Simply sit there silently with a clear mind and hold the pendulum. Look at it and take in its sight. Feel how its textured. Is it warm or cool, rough or smooth, long or short? This is a way of empowering the pendulum with your energy. Clear your mind of all expectations and try again. Eventually it will work! You can then proceed to asking it a variety of questions. For example you can ask it yes or no questions. However refrain from asking questions regarding other people. If you do ask for permission to ask. For example... "May I ask a few questions about so and so?" If the answer is no then leave it at that. Think of it like invading so and so's privacy. Their guides may not be permitting you to know.
         I never ask questions about my future. Simply put, I don't want to know. I'd rather it be a surprise. But I do know people who ask about theirs. This can be tricky only because if you have your heart set on marrying Bob or Jane... Your actual future may have you being with Jim or Tina. However, we also have free will. Our guides cannot effect our free will. That is a very powerful gift from God. So some questions will not be set in stone. What is present today may not be tomorrow. However, what I do ask is mainly about them, the universe, and other places I cannot physically go. I have also asked about my spirituality and if I am on the right path. I've asked before about how I can be more spiritual and connected with God and the things around me. Basically whatever feels right and good.
        Now I would like to warn about a few things. Think about the well known spirit boards. How many tales have we heard when things went wrong! This is because people treat it like a game. These practices are no games! They are meant for spiritual advancement, and to find out knowledge from the beings that for good. When using a pendulum or even a spirit board do not seek out just any spirit. By beginning the session with, "are there any spirits out there who want to talk to me," this brings the bad ones. Yes, there are spirits around us all the time. When you word it like that guess which ones are going to be the first to come through. Yep you got it! The evil or negative ones. If at any time during a session you have anything evil or negative come through immediately end the session. Be sure to thank the guides and guardians for their messages, wisdom, and knowledge. Then be sure to say you are closing the session. This way you won't leave anything open.
        How do you avoid these kinds of spirits? Well you always begin your sessions with a blessing or a prayer. Then you will want to envision a layer of white light around you. This light will be filled with love and protection. Envision the white light stretching from your heart circling around you as far away as you would like. Nothing evil or negative can come through that white light coming from the base of you... your heart. If you do this I promise nothing bad will come through. Go in to each session with your pendulum with love, beauty, peace, and contentment in your heart. If you do that you will have the most pleasant experience!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and lovely compliments. We are very happy that you found some of our information helpful. I am happy to be of assistance to you!!

      Cosmic Blessings,

  2. So, as a first timer here I wanted to say that your site is completely superb! We’re interested in starting a volunteer community initiative in this niche. The tips on your blog were extremely helpful to us, as it gave us something to work on. Thanks.

    Get your Love Back by Vashikaran
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