Sunday, November 23, 2014

Psychic Readings With Melody & Dwayne

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Spiritual See's Melody & Dwayne

          Dwayne and I have been offering our spiritual assistance for quite some time via internet and face to face. We have had a wide range of people come to us for help in various areas of their life. We are 100% sure we can help you in any matter you may have. We each offer separate readings for your needs and convenience. From various Tarot Readings to Dream Interpretations, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from.
          It is our commitment to helping people which keep us going. We have each had our own experiences in reaching our spiritual awakening and advancements. It has been a long road for each of us, but now that we have learned we would like to pass that knowledge onto you. We work with the light and high energies to get the best most accurate and detailed readings for you. Our readings are not sugar coated. They are honest yet are revealed to you with genuine love and compassion. We know the questions and assistance you require means a lot to you. Therefore, it means just as much to us as well. We want to give you the most for your money and help you along your journey through life.

A Little About Our Spiritual History

          Ever since I was a very young child I was attracted to advancing my spirituality and seeking nature. My love for these things quite often had me feeling a bit like an outsider. I would seek out books on palm readings, tarot, magic, and witchcraft. I would also draw people who I had never met before, and write things down that seemed as though they didn't come from me. I would often find myself gazing up into the sky or off in various places in deep contemplation. My entire life I have always had a strong love for both God and Jesus. My beliefs now are quite blended, and I feel I have achieved a wonderful enlightened balance. With my belief in the creator of all I seek out spiritual truth and wisdom. As I reached adulthood I slowly began to realize that these things were gifts. As I began to grow stronger spiritually I knew that I had something I could offer the world. I go through my life with the goals to stay calm, peaceful, understanding, and to emit love and light. These things also carry over into my readings. I give as much detail and truth as possible, and make sure my customers feel 100% safe with purchasing from me.


          As a child I was able to see certain things that I wasn't sure others could see. A few of these would be angelic beings, spirits, etc. Throughout my life I was able to see these things without really trying. Often I would witness something pass by the living room, front yard, or random places and notice that nobody else seemed to acknowledge it. My mom and grandmother had a strong knowledge of myth, superstitions, and rules which they passed down to me throughout my childhood. I stayed to myself a lot as a child and seemed to be consumed within my own thoughts. Into adulthood I found myself more in tune with it. There was a gap in between as I was transitioning from a boy into adulthood where I lost touch with my spirituality due to various obstacles that were placed in front of me. As I began to spend time to myself again without going out and doing things every night  I began to find this lost spirituality. I began to see the things from my childhood again. I would receive random urges to tell someone something. I also found myself attracted to the spiritual teachings of various forms of witchcraft. The knowledge of burning candles and incense and their meanings has always came natural to me. My goal with my readings are to offer people truth, knowledge, and spiritual guidance. So that my customers will be on their own path of enlightenment. 

We have readings starting as low as $5! 

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