Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spells And Rituals

To Purchase Click Here
To Purchase Click Here
         New to the Dark Secret Creations's shop is a selection of some of our most powerful and popular spells and rituals. We will be selling Spell Kits too, but the two Spells featured in the pictures to the left are of our Spells we offer that we cast for you. These are just two of many that are available in our shop. 
         But why should you trust us to cast the spells? We take extreme care when casting are spells. All of the ingredients (such as plants, wood, etc.) that go into our spells are kept in a protected environment. Over half of our stock of dried plants were all hand picked and dried by us. These spells have been passed down to us. We wouldn't offer any less. You deserve a spell that will get done what you need without suffering any consequences. Our spells do not go against Free Will. If you're looking to make someone love you or submit to you then you have found the wrong shop. All of our spells are of the purest light and intention. Spells that go against the free will of another without their consent are wrong and considered Black Magic.  
          The spells we offer are offered at an affordable price. We don't charge an arm and a leg to cast your spell because we want you to trust us. We want to help people with these spells so we offer them at an inexpensive rate. 
        If you're thinking about purchasing any of our spells we would like you to keep in mind that a good spell is like a stew cooking in a pot. You can't wait to taste that yummy stew. All of the ingredients were placed in the pot and are simmering. For that stew to be at the highest peak of deliciousness it needs time to cook. You can think of a good spell like this pot of stew. All of the aspects of the spell need to come together and connect with one another. A spell is a way to manifest your desire out into the universe. Its a way to kick start something you may want to happen with yourself or in your life. Just like all things spells take time. If anyone tells you that they can cast a spell that works instantly.... I'm sorry to inform you.... they were lying!! 
        Spells and rituals are often seen as evil, but they don't have to be. True spells use natural elements, and natural elements of nature and the earth were gifted to us from God, Source, Yahweh, Allah, the creator whatever you want to call him. They were placed here for our use, and we see spells as a gift for us to use. But just like anything they can be abused and thus comes the black magic spells. A spell is not evil. Its the intention of the spell that makes it evil. Basically you can cast a spell on yourself for something to manifest in your own life or within yourself. You cannot cast a spell on anyone else unless they are aware that you're doing it. 
        If you would like to purchase one of our spells please visit the shop link above or visit the link below. If you happen to have  any questions regarding anything about our processes, spells, us, our shop, etc. Please feel free to ask. We welcome any and all questions and concerns. Thank you. Have a beautiful day!

Much Love & Light To You

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