Monday, May 18, 2015

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Spiritual Seers Dwayne & Melody

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          Greeting to all of you!! Chances are everyone knows what a spell is. But rarely do they completely understand. So I will go over a short bit about why spells are beneficial to us. In this world we live in there is something called the "Law Of Attraction". This law basically states that whatever you put out, you get back. This means that if your life is filled with drama, hatred, worry, stress, etc then this is what you're attracting to you. But if you always try to be positive, loving, forgiving, happy, etc then you will attract the same. It is the basic principle of "like attracts like." So if you are trying to manifest increased finances and money into your life, but you are constantly worrying about money and getting more and more of it then you are pushing away the attraction. You're doing the opposite of what you are intending to do. A spell is a way to help set your mind, spirit, and energy upon attracting what it is that you want. This could be money, good health, good luck, abundance, love, and the options are endless. Below is a list of all the different kinds of spells you can choose from. One listing is good for One Spellcast. 

Attract Love
Personal Protection
Good Luck
Curse/Hex Breaking
Spiritual Enlightenment
Psychic Awareness
Stress Relief
Worry Relief
Boost Self Confidence
Clearing Emotions
Control Personal Anger
Control Personal Depression
Cutting Emotional Ties
Calming The Mind
Enhance Meditation
Banish Evil
Higher Self Connection
Spirit Guide Connection
Power Booster
Enhanced Dreams
Ward Off Evil
Boost Energy
Aura Cleansing
(If you have a spell which is not listed please ask before purchase to see if we are willing to do the spell.)

        Dwayne and I have been on our spiritual paths for a very long time, and we assure you that anything we do, is done in the light of the divine. You will never find a black magic spell in our shop. We would be honored to be your spellcasters. You can be sure that we will remain in contact with you throughout the duration of the casting. We include photos of your spell for proof that we cast it, and we normally include some tips and techniques to help aid you along your spiritual quest. If you have any questions about us, out spell work, our shop, or anything please feel free to let us know. Sending many blessings your way!! We hope to work this you sometime in the near future.

Much Love & Light,
Co-Owner Of Dark Secret Creations