Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Past Life Exploration

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           Where were you before you incarnated into this current lifetime? Did you live on earth or on another planet? Perhaps you were a part of another realm!! This is knowledge that can be gained I can tell you right now that us humans are all eternal beings in mortal bodies. Our soul/spirit lives on while our body goes back to the earth. But we are forever connected to the divine. Perhaps you are wondering if past lives are real or go against your belief? Well let me place this thought in your mind.
If you believe in an an afterlife then why not a before life? Surely the creator of all would be able to let someone live more then one life. The creator of all (source or whatever you name him/her) is able to do this. 
          Past lives or previous incarnations, whatever you call them, are still connected to our spirit and higher self. We are all a part of everything. Light connects us all. Many of us choose to come to earth to learn specific things, and sometimes the things of our path incarnations can have an effect on our current incarnation. This is why remembering past lives can be so very beneficial. We must remember that we are all eternal beings in physical bodies. As much as we are our physical bodies, we are our spiritual body more. Think of it like this... if you lost all four of your limbs in an accident. Both your arms and both legs are now gone. Half of your body is now dead!! But you are still alive, are you still you? It is said that when people loose limbs sometimes they feel its still there, even though they know it isn't. This is because we are spirit!! Everything we have ever went through in our Soul Existence is deep within ourselves as Soul Memories. With this reading I search through your energy and your Soul Existence to bring you closer and connect you with a part of your Soul Memories. This will come through as an exploration in full detail of one of your previous incarnations (or past lives). I hope to get a chance to work with you and connect you with this part of yourself. Exploring our past lives can connect the dots of some of our own problems.
        For example!! When I was a child I loved to body surf. I would ride them waves jumping and diving all around. My two older brothers enjoyed doing this, therefore I had to do it too!! I loved being connected with the Ocean. It was thrilling and adventurous feeling the pull of the currents. It is a power much more then our own. But one day when I was about pre-teen age I began to have dreams about large waves the size of buildings coming up on the shore wiping everything away. In some of these dreams it would take me deep into the murky depths. These dreams made me more cautious while out in the Ocean, and at the time I took it as a sign to back away from body surfing. I still swam in the Ocean, but I didn't take on those large waves anymore. Later on in life I discovered past lives and I realized that a part of my soul journey was connected to those moments in my childhood. In my last life I had died by the sea. To make a long story short, I was on a ship long ago and me and a shipmate were tying down the sails. This storm was raging and came from out of nowhere. A large overpowering wave came along and busted up against the side of the ship where I was standing. It sucked me down into the raging Ocean and that was there that lifetime for me ended. It all connected when I found that out through exploring my past life. I am no longer in fear that my current life will end by the Ocean, even though if it did so be it. I connected those dots and now have full clarity about that part of my Soul Existence and my current incarnation on earth. I want the same for all  of you, and this Past Life Reading can give you that piece of mind. If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask.

Cosmic Love,
From Dark Secret Creations

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