Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Life Transitions - Our Current Journey

         Lately Dwayne and I have been doing a lot of meditation and contemplation as well as mass amounts of channeling sessions. This is due to a period of time in our life when transitions are happening. What could have been construed as possible setbacks, has now began to be seen as a beautiful new adventure leading to places unknown!! To the side you will see Dwayne and I standing next to a beautiful set of large rocks, and behind us is the Indian River Bay.

          You may be wondering what I mean by saying we have been going through a lot of transitions. By this I mean on a soul basis. This has been a very spiritually based journey, and we are enjoying it. First let me explain that some issues came about with Dwayne's day job. I stay at home maintaining the shop and writing as my profession, but Dwayne went out to be face to face with others. However, this is no more due to some changes in our paths. At first we were confused and didn't understand where our lives were headed, but now it is all very clear. Plus to top all of that off, a few days after his day job transition we had issues with our car. We have a 1999 Chrysler and it is our baby. LOL It is strong and chugging along so we don't complain. Well we knew we had a few oil and transmission leaks, but on that day another leak burst through. The others were not that bad, but this one... Oh Boy!! It is a coolant leak, and in the middle of summer with the traffic being crazy packed in this tourist town we were set back. This was frustrating, and we realized that this was bigger then a mere car leak or job transition. We realized that this was a soul mission here on earth, and we are accepting!!
          Now you may be wondering where I am going with this? Well I will tell you!! We know now that we had to take this little vacation from the hustle and bustle of outside life to concentrate on our spiritual work and journeys. We learned this from a channeling session we did with our spirit guides and the higher beings we also channel. They informed us that they knew these things were going to happen, so they decided to make the best of it and send us even more beauty. Now it is a few weeks into this new transition, and the car's coolant leak has not been fixed yet. (we intend to) But we have been enjoying hiding away, and we are amazed at how much our lives has changed for the better as a result of those few changes that appeared to be setbacks.
          We have been learning more on a spiritual level, connecting more with our higher selves, learning new things on a physical plane of existence about our emotions, going deeper with spirit keeping and light working, as well as finding out where our shop is heading and what more we can do to make it even better and bigger!! We love helping people doing our spiritual work, and now this is all we have been doing. It is amazing how life can change for the better in such a short time. Manifesting what you desire is a good thing to do, but also always be willing to see where these everyday unexpected occurrences may lead. You never know, they could lead to you following your dreams!!

Cosmic Blessings,
Of Dark Secret Creations

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