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Moonstone Pendulum Reading, Guidance And Answers, In Depth Psychic Reading

        Hello this is our featured listing from our shop for the week. Today I would like to introduce out Pendulum Reading Guidance Session. <-- Click there to view the listing. All checkouts through our website or Etsy shop are 100% safe. Any questions or information like names will be kept protected and only be seen by either Dwayne or I. This featured reading is via our Etsy shop. You will have a choice to pay with Direct Checkout or Paypal. This session is priced at $30. 
        Pendulums can offer many good things regarding our daily lives. They are not sinister like the tales of other well know spirit boards. If done correctly it can offer the highest and brightest forms of guidance and answers. I have been using pendulums since I was a child. This in depth reading will assist you on your life's journey. Perhaps you have some questions that have been pressing on you for a while. Maybe you're at a crossroads and are completely confused as to which path you should progress down. On the other hand everything could be fine, but you feel the need to seek spiritual advice for matters of the mind? Whatever your reason you are not here reading this by chance. Your guides have brought you to me because they know I can help you. This reading is done using my Moonstone Pendulum, which was handmade by me, and my pendulum board, which was also designed by me. (Both Are Pictured Above.) I consult the spirits of light that use only the highest energy. 

Reading Process:
You will receive a PDF in the email address you provide me after purchase. The PDF will include an in depth reading personal to you only. You can ask up to 10 questions regarding anything. (Please see my question restrictions below.) Also please keep in mind that the more detailed you are the better I can assist you. Also please keep in mind that predictions can be fickle things. What path you're on today may not be the path you're on tomorrow. So keep this in mind when asking your questions. We all have free will and what is happening today may be different tomorrow. Of coarse you don't have to ask any questions. You can simply explain to me your situation and I progress your reading from there. If the situation arises where I do not understand a question you ask... I will then email you for further follow up regarding that question. This will alter the process time for your reading delivery. In this case your reading may take longer then 24 hours to be delivered to your email depending on how fast you answer.

After your purchase you will send contact me via the shop page with your email address, your questions or issues. (Up To Ten Questions) I will then finish your reading and send it to your email in a PDF format. If you have another way you would like your message delivered please let me know and we will figure something out.

Delivery Time:
Please allow up to 24 hours for your reading to be finished and sent to your email. In most cases I will finish your reading without hours of your purchase. The 24 hour thing is just in case I am away from home, etc. But like I said in most cases your reading will be finished within hours of your purchase.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coven Family

Coven Family

          I normally don't post on here but today I decided to write this post about my Coven Family. My Coven Family only has 3 members so far. We consist of my wife Melody, her cousin Xander, and myself Dwayne. We have only been a Coven for a few months now but we all have been practicing the craft for a while. We each have our own element with Melody being an water element, Xander the air element, and myself the earth element. We are currently waiting for our fire element to enter our lives to complete the circle.

          We treat each other like family because we are family. Melody grew up with all brothers. She has 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. Xander grew up with all sisters. He has 2 older sisters and 1 younger sister. I grew up with no siblings. I was the only child. I never really knew what it was like growing up with brothers or sisters. Melody never got to experience growing with a sister and Xander never experienced growing up with a brother. Now with Melody being my wife I can say that even being apart of a Coven we still can't experience what it's like having a sister around but Xander and I can experience whats it's like having a brother around and it's pretty cool. I am older than him so it's like I'm the big brother and he's the younger brother but it's cool. We help each other out when needed and give each other advice. I am hoping that our fire element is a female so Melody and I can experience having a sister around.

         When we decided to form our Coven we commenced it with a ceremony that I prepared to make it official. Since I am of shamanic decent I made a powerful tea and wrote a chant to help out with the ceremony. We lit candles to have the element of fire during the ceremony since it was only the three of us. We try to have a meeting once or twice a week to where we talk about different things that we could do to help increase our abilities as well as practice different spells and we sometimes even make jewelry. We spend as much time together as we can because we are all connected to each other spiritually and can feel each others emotions. Since we are all psychics we tend channel together sometimes and share that information with each other. We star gaze almost every night to receive messages from our galactic friends from above. This is how we spend our family time together. Besides going shopping and going out to eat, or even going to the beach we tend to really focus on increasing our abilities. But there are some things that we don't do that I really would love for us to do and that is open up to each other more.

        Melody and Xander have trouble expressing anger and I have have trouble expressing sadness. All this stems from our childhoods. Since they both are better at expressing and controlling their sadness I believe they can help me with my problem. Since I can express and control my anger I can help them out with their problem. But since things like this take time I feel like if we start having more deeper conversations during our meetings we could actually become each others therapist in a way since we are all so close. We all have our own little problems but we don't let them in the way of our connection with each other. I feel like we are important to each other right now and when we feel like we can't trust anyone else or we can't turn to anyone for help, then we can trust and turn to each other for anything. I can say that to me they are the most important people in my life right now and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love these two crazy people and I hope they feel same about me. AHG FOREVER!!!!!!

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Peace, Light, and Cosmic Love


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Spell Casts And How To Trust The Witch Whose Casting It

 Spell Casts And How To Trust The Witch Whose Casting It

          Are you in search for someone to cast a spell for you? How will you know if this caster is genuine? How will you know if the spell has been cast? All these are very real and true questions that should always be asked when purchasing a spell cast from anyone. Science says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the same for spells. If you are in search for more finances to help pay bills or to just have a bit extra pocket change then this is all good and well. There will not be no negative reactions to the spell that is cast. However, if you are constantly wanting spells to be cast for money or if you want to be rich then that could be considered greed, and it may come with negative reactions eventually. This is Karma at work. The same goes for if you want love in your life. Maybe you're lonely and want to meet a nice person to share your time with. Perhaps you even have some traits you would like this person to have. Yes! That is a perfect spell and a very honest and true request. However, if you are in search of a spell to make someone love you... that is not to good because it will be going against the other person's free will. So where am I going with this? When searching for a spell to be cast or even casting a spell yourself you want to take these things into account. Do I really want this to happen? Will this be going against anyone's free will? Even if your intentions are good, casting a spell on someone who doesn't know is wrong. The Wiccan Rede states "Ye Harm None." Going again someone's free will is ultimately harming them, and if a spell caster offers a spell that will go against someone's free will, STAY AWAY. 

        Now how do you know if the witch is a genuine and true caster with experience. Well genuinely you have to trust them that what they say is true. It is easy to say that they have years of experience and background knowledge of spells since childhood or something like that. But do not be afraid to ask questions such as... What are your personal beliefs on spells? Where did you learn this? Where do you get your spells? What is your take on going against someone's free will? What is your take on Black Magic? Etc. Side note.... never do black magic unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting yourself into. Anyway, if at any time the witch or caster does not want to answer your reasonable questions... Do Not Trust. Also if their answers seem inconsistent or you get a strange or bad feeling about them... Do Not Trust. That is your own intuition speaking to you, always listen. Also how will you know if the spell has been cast. Honestly there is no proof. You have to take it in faith and believe that it was done and that it will work for you. Doubting it may reverse the spell's effects or make them non-existent. 

        You may be wondering how I know all this? What makes me so knowledgeable on this topic? Well basically put I have the experience. I have been through bad times with spells as well as good, and I know exactly where the lines should be drawn. Let me give you a bit of background on a few of my personal experiences. As of 2015 I am 29 years old. When I was a teenager I was very into witchcraft. It dark dark, scary, and cool. I will be honest with you... I didn't always take this path seriously, and in the beginning, my childhood and some of my early teenage years, it wasn't always good. Now I knew better then to do anything really bad to anyone, but it got a bit darker when I teamed up with a friend. She was also practitioner of witchcraft, and to make a long story short... she practiced black magic. She didn't care about someones free will. She did as she pleased. This got me drug in to the darker depths of witchcraft and spells. It was a place that at the time I wish I never went to, but now it has given me the knowledge of where the boundaries are. It was around the age of 15 or 16 when I strayed away from practicing this with my friend. I actually placed the entire practice of witchcraft away and proceeded to learn about other faiths. 

        Now that I am a bit older and wiser I can look back and know how those events helped me to learn. I can now pass that knowledge onto my clients, friends, or to anyone who asks. We offer Spell Casts here on Dark Secret Creations, and we are honored to be able to offer these services to people. At first we were not going to, but we saw how many people were going to other casters who I could see dabbled into the darker arts of the craft, and didn't care about going against another's free will if it meant the client was paying. Here at Dark Secret Creations we WILL NOT do any black magic, and you will never see a spell that is black magic in our shop. Anyway, we decided to offer our services to give clients a safer place to go. Now in no way am I bashing other casters or witches. I am merely stating my beliefs on black magic and going against other's free will. It is true that black magic doesn't have to be evil. If someone is knowledgeable enough they can actually use it to counter act someone else's black magic if it is harmful enough. But that is an entirely other topic all together. 

        So when searching for a spell caster keep this in mind, and know that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a spell to get the results you want. Our spell prices are reasonable, and we do this to be able to help everyone who may want a casting done. Anyway, if you have any questions about spells or anything about this topic that I may not have fully covered, please feel free to contact us or comment. We will always be here to answer anyone's questions. 

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How To Know When A Psychic Is Genuine

How To know When A Psychic Is Genuine 

          The topic of Psychics is one mostly everyone has either heard of, went to, or know something about. But there is a deeper topic inside the general information of Psychics that many people don't speak of. How do you know when a psychic is genuine? This can be a tricky topic. I think it is safe to begin with the topic of new age. Mostly everything related to new age is actually old teaching brought popular again, thus people call it new age. But there is really nothing new about it. The teachings and practices are much older then a lot of religions. But one thing is for sure, it is a popular topic, and many people want to see what its about. Sometimes people will want to categorize themselves as Psychics or Mediums without going through the proper teachings and lessons first. It takes a lot of hard work. Some might go to a psychic for themselves, and say "hey I can do that!" Or they may think that is seems easy and a quick way to make money. But the truth be told, no genuine psychic is in it for the money. Sure the money pays the bills so we can continue to share our gifts. Think of this like really good school teachers. They need to pay their bills so they can continue teaching your children and doing what they love. They're spreading their hard earned gifts, and this is the balance of our society now days. But when a person comes into the field of psychic awareness solely to make money, that spells out trouble for all. 

          So how do you really know when a psychic is true? Basically, ask them questions about themselves and their practices. For example: How long have you been doing this? How do you hear the answers? Who guides you? What are your personal beliefs? Etc. If at any time a psychic does not want to answer your questions about them, then know that this psychic is not genuine. A psychic should be an open book in a way. Why? Well it is because the clients are sharing their important questions and life stories and situations with the psychic. The least the psychic can do is be open right back. Plus it should all be about trust. Personally, Dwayne and I look at our clients as friends in a way. We wouldn't deny a friend information about us. 

          Also you may want to pay attention to their answers. Sometimes the answers to your questions may in fact be general depending upon the question and the affects of personal choices and free will upon it. However, the answers should also have some depth. It should feel like it was meant for you, and it should speak to your soul. However, if the client is rather upset about the question, for example a recent break up, then you may not feel a connection with the words depending upon the answer received. For example: You ask me, "Melody is Sam and I going to break up for good?" That question can be tricky because of your and Sam's free will to decide to break up for good or not. You are the driver of your own life. But I may get an indication from your spirit guides that the answer will be Yes, the break up is for good. When I share that information with you, it may be something you didn't want to hear. Thus you may not feel a resonance with it. Your mind may want to push that answer aside as not real, because of the emotions you're facing in regards to Sam leaving for good. So it is always best to have an open heart and open mind when entering a reading. Be sure you want to know the truth when asking a question, and decide if you are ready to handle either the good or the bad. 

        This brings me to another point. I have heard of people coming to psychics with fears that they were being cursed by someone in their past. Literally, I am not lying, the psychic knew that this client's fears was in their own mind... But the psychic didn't say anything. The psychic let the client continue thinking they were cursed to they would continue to purchase readings and spells or a healing. You may find this hard to believe, but I swear I am being honest. It shocked me too when the psychic told me. We were chatting about spiritual practices and it led to that. The reason I am sharing this today is so all of you will know that sometimes not genuine psychics will do this. If the answers your psychic is giving you always seems to be good and exactly what you want to hear, know that they may not be genuine. Sure, it is possible that things always seem to go your way... but in reality when is that always the case? Sometimes the answers to questions may not always be the best option available, but it is the psychic's obligation to be completely honest. Even if that means the client will get angry or upset and not come to you anymore. For example you purchase a reading from me. You want to know why you are having bad luck in relationships. Ideally you may want to hear that it is everyone else's fault or you haven't found Mr. or Miss right. However I may get the answer that you are pushing these people away with insecurities, your expectations are too high, you're moving into relationships too fast, etc. Nobody really is ever ready to hear that they are at fault, but let's face it... We are all at fault sometimes. Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. But let's just say that I give you that answer even though I know you may be upset with me and perhaps even give a bad review because you will be mad. Regardless of how I feel you will react, it is my obligation to give you that honest answer as long as I do it with love and let you know honestly how to overcome it. But some psychics may tell you what you want to hear to save all that. "You haven't found your soul mate yet. That is the problem. All the people you've met were all wrong for you, etc. You will meet your destined match soon and all will be perfect." This answer surely would make you feel wonderful, but if the problem really was those things I mentioned above, is this fluffy answer going to help you in the long run? No. 

        So these were all basics guides to figure out if a psychic is genuine. In your quest to find the answers to questions you seek, it is best to think carefully in the way you will get them. I have seen many clients who will ask multiple psychics the same exact question until they reach an answer they like. This is like cheating, and it isn't good for your soul. I have also seem clients to go to psychics for every single life event or decision they have to make. This isn't good for your soul either, because it is giving your power to choose away. A psychic should empower the client and teach the client that they hold the keys, and all will fall into place with the right guidance. A psychic should be honest, and give the true answers. A psychic should be compassionate and caring, they should not argue with the client at any moment, even if the client upset and angry. A psychic must always seek the answers from their spirit guides and higher selves. A psychic generally does not need any tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, or rune stones to answer. Even though these can be used, they genuine psychic will not use these as a crutch. So if your psychic is ALWAYS giving you a tarot card with an answer, know that they may be using the cards as a crutch.

        It is my hope that this article will help you seek a genuine psychic who you can build a friendly relationship with, and get the answers you seek. If you have any follow up questions about anything we discussed here please comment or send us a message. Thank you and have a beautiful day!!

Cosmic Blessings,