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Spell Casts And How To Trust The Witch Whose Casting It

 Spell Casts And How To Trust The Witch Whose Casting It

          Are you in search for someone to cast a spell for you? How will you know if this caster is genuine? How will you know if the spell has been cast? All these are very real and true questions that should always be asked when purchasing a spell cast from anyone. Science says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is the same for spells. If you are in search for more finances to help pay bills or to just have a bit extra pocket change then this is all good and well. There will not be no negative reactions to the spell that is cast. However, if you are constantly wanting spells to be cast for money or if you want to be rich then that could be considered greed, and it may come with negative reactions eventually. This is Karma at work. The same goes for if you want love in your life. Maybe you're lonely and want to meet a nice person to share your time with. Perhaps you even have some traits you would like this person to have. Yes! That is a perfect spell and a very honest and true request. However, if you are in search of a spell to make someone love you... that is not to good because it will be going against the other person's free will. So where am I going with this? When searching for a spell to be cast or even casting a spell yourself you want to take these things into account. Do I really want this to happen? Will this be going against anyone's free will? Even if your intentions are good, casting a spell on someone who doesn't know is wrong. The Wiccan Rede states "Ye Harm None." Going again someone's free will is ultimately harming them, and if a spell caster offers a spell that will go against someone's free will, STAY AWAY. 

        Now how do you know if the witch is a genuine and true caster with experience. Well genuinely you have to trust them that what they say is true. It is easy to say that they have years of experience and background knowledge of spells since childhood or something like that. But do not be afraid to ask questions such as... What are your personal beliefs on spells? Where did you learn this? Where do you get your spells? What is your take on going against someone's free will? What is your take on Black Magic? Etc. Side note.... never do black magic unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting yourself into. Anyway, if at any time the witch or caster does not want to answer your reasonable questions... Do Not Trust. Also if their answers seem inconsistent or you get a strange or bad feeling about them... Do Not Trust. That is your own intuition speaking to you, always listen. Also how will you know if the spell has been cast. Honestly there is no proof. You have to take it in faith and believe that it was done and that it will work for you. Doubting it may reverse the spell's effects or make them non-existent. 

        You may be wondering how I know all this? What makes me so knowledgeable on this topic? Well basically put I have the experience. I have been through bad times with spells as well as good, and I know exactly where the lines should be drawn. Let me give you a bit of background on a few of my personal experiences. As of 2015 I am 29 years old. When I was a teenager I was very into witchcraft. It dark dark, scary, and cool. I will be honest with you... I didn't always take this path seriously, and in the beginning, my childhood and some of my early teenage years, it wasn't always good. Now I knew better then to do anything really bad to anyone, but it got a bit darker when I teamed up with a friend. She was also practitioner of witchcraft, and to make a long story short... she practiced black magic. She didn't care about someones free will. She did as she pleased. This got me drug in to the darker depths of witchcraft and spells. It was a place that at the time I wish I never went to, but now it has given me the knowledge of where the boundaries are. It was around the age of 15 or 16 when I strayed away from practicing this with my friend. I actually placed the entire practice of witchcraft away and proceeded to learn about other faiths. 

        Now that I am a bit older and wiser I can look back and know how those events helped me to learn. I can now pass that knowledge onto my clients, friends, or to anyone who asks. We offer Spell Casts here on Dark Secret Creations, and we are honored to be able to offer these services to people. At first we were not going to, but we saw how many people were going to other casters who I could see dabbled into the darker arts of the craft, and didn't care about going against another's free will if it meant the client was paying. Here at Dark Secret Creations we WILL NOT do any black magic, and you will never see a spell that is black magic in our shop. Anyway, we decided to offer our services to give clients a safer place to go. Now in no way am I bashing other casters or witches. I am merely stating my beliefs on black magic and going against other's free will. It is true that black magic doesn't have to be evil. If someone is knowledgeable enough they can actually use it to counter act someone else's black magic if it is harmful enough. But that is an entirely other topic all together. 

        So when searching for a spell caster keep this in mind, and know that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a spell to get the results you want. Our spell prices are reasonable, and we do this to be able to help everyone who may want a casting done. Anyway, if you have any questions about spells or anything about this topic that I may not have fully covered, please feel free to contact us or comment. We will always be here to answer anyone's questions. 

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