Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Moonstone Pendulum Reading, Guidance And Answers, In Depth Psychic Reading

        Hello this is our featured listing from our shop for the week. Today I would like to introduce out Pendulum Reading Guidance Session. <-- Click there to view the listing. All checkouts through our website or Etsy shop are 100% safe. Any questions or information like names will be kept protected and only be seen by either Dwayne or I. This featured reading is via our Etsy shop. You will have a choice to pay with Direct Checkout or Paypal. This session is priced at $30. 
        Pendulums can offer many good things regarding our daily lives. They are not sinister like the tales of other well know spirit boards. If done correctly it can offer the highest and brightest forms of guidance and answers. I have been using pendulums since I was a child. This in depth reading will assist you on your life's journey. Perhaps you have some questions that have been pressing on you for a while. Maybe you're at a crossroads and are completely confused as to which path you should progress down. On the other hand everything could be fine, but you feel the need to seek spiritual advice for matters of the mind? Whatever your reason you are not here reading this by chance. Your guides have brought you to me because they know I can help you. This reading is done using my Moonstone Pendulum, which was handmade by me, and my pendulum board, which was also designed by me. (Both Are Pictured Above.) I consult the spirits of light that use only the highest energy. 

Reading Process:
You will receive a PDF in the email address you provide me after purchase. The PDF will include an in depth reading personal to you only. You can ask up to 10 questions regarding anything. (Please see my question restrictions below.) Also please keep in mind that the more detailed you are the better I can assist you. Also please keep in mind that predictions can be fickle things. What path you're on today may not be the path you're on tomorrow. So keep this in mind when asking your questions. We all have free will and what is happening today may be different tomorrow. Of coarse you don't have to ask any questions. You can simply explain to me your situation and I progress your reading from there. If the situation arises where I do not understand a question you ask... I will then email you for further follow up regarding that question. This will alter the process time for your reading delivery. In this case your reading may take longer then 24 hours to be delivered to your email depending on how fast you answer.

After your purchase you will send contact me via the shop page with your email address, your questions or issues. (Up To Ten Questions) I will then finish your reading and send it to your email in a PDF format. If you have another way you would like your message delivered please let me know and we will figure something out.

Delivery Time:
Please allow up to 24 hours for your reading to be finished and sent to your email. In most cases I will finish your reading without hours of your purchase. The 24 hour thing is just in case I am away from home, etc. But like I said in most cases your reading will be finished within hours of your purchase.

To Purchase This Reading:
Visit the following link

Cosmic Blessings,

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