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Magical Power Of Stones

Magical Power Of Stones

        Everyone has at least one favorite kind of stone. Whether this be for the color, the zodiac association, or a more personal reason... stones are a part of our lives. We pass stones daily out in nature on our way to the store. We wear stones in our jewelry, and quartz is even a part of certain technologies since it is a good conductor. Stones are a part of this earth, but have you ever stopped to wonder more? Why are stones constantly the center piece of jewelry, why do people use stones for decorative accents? How about when you're walking the beach, you can't help but to look down and grab one of those beautiful shimmering stones.
        Each stone you come across in your life contains power. Every stone out there, no matter how dirty, contains loads of beautiful energy waiting to be used. Powerful stones are not limited to the ones which cost a lot of money. Sure a beautifully polished emerald, ruby, or diamond is amazing and does indeed contain a lot of energy. However, the rocks in your garden can be just as powerful. In fact, I will go as far as to say they are even more powerful. This is because the unpolished, natural, raw stones found out in nature have rarely been touched by human hands. Even if they do come into contact with humans, they have not undertook chemical or polishing and cutting processes. They have never seen machines waiting to cut them into pretty shapes. They are rough, sometimes dirty, and all natural... just like us!! Think to yourself for a moment. Is a rich person any better then a poor person only because the rich person can make themselves look prettier? No, we are all the same and we each have something to offer. It is the same with stones.
        For example, look at this specimen to the left. It is a stone I found out in my yard. It is a natural form of quartz and the really shiny part is a mineral called Mica, which can sometimes look reflective like a mirror. This stone is all natural and contains just as much energy as something polished, cut, and laid in a silver based pendant. Wire wrap this and wear it on a chain or cord around your neck and you will have the same effects and possibly even more!!
        But why are some people nervous about wearing "costume jewelry". Isn't that the popular name for cheap poor people jewelry? I came into contact with a woman before who came from a good upper middle class upbringing. She had a joy of crafts, and decided to make a shop on Etsy selling her beautiful wire wrapped stones as pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Well it is sad to say that her family didn't want to wear her jewelry. I was very shocked when she said they made fun of her because it was "cheap looking". I told her to not worry about those people, even if those people are your family. They are wrong, and you must follow your heart and do what is right for you. Do what you love to do!! I loss touch with her, but I hope she is still making her jewelry. But this is what I mean. Some people are so worried about outside appearance. People want to look a certain way, and if its not the latest style then they're not going to wear it. Now this is only some people, others are more down to earth and will not limit themselves to self acceptance through other people.
        The point I am making is that you could be missing out on some powerful all natural gifts straight from the earth. So go outside and find a stone you're drawn to. Keep your eyes open and your mind aware of your surroundings, because if you set your mind on finding the right stone for you then you will. Or you could purchase a stone, but remember to cleanse it in a window or outside under the sun and the moon for at least one day before use. Everything contains energy, and you don't know whose held that stone before you or what it came into contact with. So cleansing the stone outside would be a wonderful way to prepare it for your own personal use. You can even sit it outside during a rain or thunder storm. That is a very powerful way of charging up and cleansing your stones.
       I do want to mention something about meditation. It's a traditional and very powerful way of improving your contact with both your higher self as well as your spirit guides. It can also be one of the best ways to relieve stress and worries from everyday life. There are so many different ways to meditate, and all you have to do to find your right way is to search for different techniques and begin to try them out. But when you incooperate stones into your meditations, it can make things much more insence and productive. When you begin to meditate, all you need to do is hold your stone, or stones, and begin with the process of the meditation. The stone will assist you with connecting with your higher self and spirit guides faster and give you a stronger hold on the visions. This also may create some changes in your spirituality and health for the better and may help you plan where your life is going. It can open up your mind to seeing your path more clearly, and stones can be the main part in this. Using higher vibrational stones can be beneficial. To determain if yours is a low, medium, or high vibrational stone all you must do is hold it. Concentrate on the feeling of the stone in your hand. Hold it comfortably in your hand and cover it entirely with your palms. You will soon begin to feel a small vibration. This will tell you how strong the vibration is by the feeling of it on your skin vibrating. If it seems to be stronger then its a high vibration, and so on with the other forms.
        Working with stones can open up many pathways into your life. You can also sit the stone in your home, car, or pocket and feel the effects of the stones. The uses can really be endless. They can help you with protection, increasing love into your life, health, good luck, banishing negativity, etc. We offer something called Spell Stones in our shop. They are something we are very proud of, because each of the stones we offer have all been dug up from the ground by the hands of either Dwayne or I. We always have our eyes to the ground looking for new beautiful stones to offer.

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Spell Casting Done By Spiritual Seer's Melody & Dwayne
We Cast The Spell
All You Have To Do Is Carry It With You

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✫*¨*.¸¸.✫Welcome One And All✫*¨*.¸¸.✫


Whether you call these stones Spell Stones, Talismans, palm stones, healing stones, or enchanted stones. They are very powerful and contain a lot of energy. You can use your spell stone with other enchantments, spells, or rituals. You can place it in a room to give off its energy or simply keep it in your purse or pocket. You can also pair it with another stone to double the powerful effect. The process that this stone will go through will empower it solely to your intention and energy. It will be sent straight to you ready to be used. All of the stones in our collection were all dug up by us. They are all natural stones that have already been charged by the elements, sun, and moon. By us placing a spell on them this enchants them to be even more powerful.

The spell cast takes about 3-5 days to be fully completed. We will keep you updated during the entire process. Spells cannot be rushed just like the manifestation of your desire cannot be rushed. Please note that the picture above is our collection of stones. We will intuitively choose the stone that matches your need.

~~~How This Works~~~

After you purchase your desired amount of spell stones please send a message to our shop containing the following things.

Your Name:
Your Situation:
Your Email:
Your Desired Spell (Choose Below):

Please choose a spell:

Attract Love
Good Luck
Curse/Hex Breaking
Spiritual Enlightenment
Psychic Awareness
Stress Relief
Worry Relief
Boost Self Confidence
Clearing Emotions
Control Anger
Cutting Emotional Ties
Calming The Mind
Enhance Meditation
Banish Evil
Higher Self Connection
Spirit Guide Connection

We will then contact you back and send you a picture of your stone that we selected for you. If you are not satisfied with the stone we picked we can pick again, or you can choose from our collection of stones. We will also send you the basic information behind the spell the stone is about to go through. This will include the basics of each part, and what makes this spell so powerful. We put your stone though a process that involves being charged with all four elements.

As much information as you can give regarding your situation the better. This is so we can fully integrate your energy into the spell. The intention of the spell will not be 100% if you don't give us the honest situation. Please rest assure we will keep everything you tell us completely safe. The only people who will have access to this information is us, Dwayne and Melody. We will also fully explain the spell and all the little parts that go into our spell for you.

View a short video of Melody explaining about our spells!!

~~~About Our Spells~~~

All of our spells are old and have been passed down to us. We have been in the spiritual practice for quite some time. Dwayne is an Earth element and Melody is a Water element. In casting our spells this is what makes them more strong. We integrate our elements into each and every spell or ritual we do. Many of the spells we do were once a part of ancient rituals used to help and heal people. Our spells do not go against anyone's free will. You will never find a black magic spell in our shop. Our spells are 100% of the purest light and are safely practiced using natural elements from the earth. Although spells are labeled as magic they're not really magic at all. We do not think of magic as a way to have something happen out of nowhere. The spells we use can be thought of as recipes. Just like adding a spice mixture to your favorite foods to boost the taste. Our spells can be added to your life to boost the experience. But like a delicious stew, it tastes best when given time, love, and patience. If you have any further questions about our practices please feel completely free to ask. We welcome any and all question you may have. 

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