Sunday, October 4, 2015

No More Dull Horoscopes, Personalized Astrology Reading

        Horoscopes are fun to read, and they associate with events in our lives at that present moment. They can tell us where our near future is heading, and what we can expect in the times to come. Sometimes they will speak of the position of the sun, moon, and other planets in association with how those positions will affect us. It is a very ancient practice that is very widely known today. But why are there times when these horoscopes seem to wrong? 
        I stopped reading my horoscopes all together some time ago, and have not looked back since. I still associate with my sign of Cancer, and I still say that this Zodiac interpretation fits very well with me. However what stopped me from reading them was how they were lumping me and my future in with each and every other Cancer sign out there. We are all different, and I began to wonder how accurate these could in fact be if they lump me in with such a big group. This got me to wonder how I could take the traditional ways of astrology, and make it more personalized to each individual. I am happy to say that Dwayne and I have found a perfect way of balancing out these flaws, and personalizing your astrology horoscope to you. We are happy to release this reading to our clients. We incorporate our psychic intuition and practices with the ancient forms of astrology to give you an amazingly accurate reading. Check out the description of the Personalized Astrology Horoscope available for purchase on our Etsy shop. Prices start as low as $10, and it is priced do the longer time frame you purchase, the more you save!! 

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Unique, Accurate, Personal
PDF Email Delivery
Astrological Report

We are so sure you will love our readings! If you are not 100% satisfied with our processes you will receive a Reading Free of charge!!

Why settle with horoscopes which are written for an entire zodiac group when you can have a personalized horoscope tailered to your specific need and focus area. Plus this reading includes three questions with each horoscope purchased!! We priced it so the longer time span you choose, the more you save!! 

Receive an in depth forecast for the time span of your choice on what's going to happen in your days or months to come. Have you noticed how some of the horoscopes are correct, but then at times they don't seem to apply? This is because most horoscopes are based on an entire Zodiac group. But with this Personalized Astrology Horoscope Reading you will see that it is unique to you. It even comes with a focus area of choice. We also welcome specific questions which you may want to ask with your horoscope. We're happy you came to us. It is not by chance you are here. Your spirit guides have drawn you to us, because they know we can be of assistance to you. We are genuine and honest., and work with the highest energy and vibrations. You can trust us to give you a 100% accurate reading. Receive your answers with the Spiritual Seer of your choice, Melody or Dwayne.

~~~How This Works~~~

* Simply purchase the reading and send a message to our shop with the following

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Date Of Birth (Month,Day,Year):

Your Focus Area:

Your Questions (Up To Three):

* Please include in the message to our shop which one of us you want the reading from.

This reading will be sent Via PDF Email Delivery!!

The response time for this reading will normally be within a day. In some cases it might be finished the same day. If purchased after 9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) your reading will be started promptly that next morning. Plus we are so sure you will love our readings! If you are not 100% satisfied you will receive a Free Reading!

I hope we can work together in getting you an in depth look into your personal future!!
Cosmic Blessings,

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