Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shop Updates November 2015

Shop Updates

        Hello everyone!! I wanted to do a quick blog update to inform all of you what's been going on. Recently Dwayne and I have been hard at work determining how we're going to change around this shop. We want it to be perfect, and we want it to be divinely inspired. So we've been patient as trying to figure out what our Spirit Guides think we should do. You can still find our shop on Etsy, but like we said in previous posts, we do not want to solely rely upon Etsy. Ideally we want everything to be available right here on our website. This is going to take a bit longer than we expected. With the Holidays coming up, we have a lot to manage, and creating an entire storefront through our website would be very time consuming. We had said that we wanted our website shop to be open by the end of this month, November. But it may not happen in that time frame. 
        I do want to announce that we have a booth shop set up through the Bonanza website. I will include the link below. They have not limited sales of spells and metaphysical items. So you can find all of our Psychic Readings as well as Spell Casts on there. We are thinking about placing our metaphysical tools up there as well. But like I said, we're going through our Spirit Guides. But I have had dreams about  our website being fully up and running with a shop interface through there including a domain name. So I have faith that all of this will happen. So keep on the lookout for new things coming through from our shop, and new updates. We will keep everyone posted on what's going on. I know that Dwayne and I are undergoing a few chances in our spirituality. We are advancing more and learning more. All of this is very exciting, but also very time consuming. We apologize for not updating this blog daily like we were. But stay tuned for more, and don't forget to go visit our Bonanza Booth if you're interested in purchasing a spell cast or psychic reading. We're also still available through Etsy with our Psychic Readings.

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