Monday, December 28, 2015

Distant Healing For Beginners

        Sending someone healing and cleansing energy can be as simple as a basic meditation. Basically you'll want to do this when you're feeling positive and pure of heart. This should be done for the recipients benefit, and not your own. We are all made up of energy, thus we can send energy to others. This is done everyday of your lives without you knowing. This is what makes spells, blessings, and prayers so powerful. Basically it is the intention and the love behind the intention. Below is a very simple and easy way to send healing energy to someone. This is a very basic form of Reiki. 
        First, find a quiet space and begin by taking a few deep breaths. As you breathe, imagine that you can actually feel energy moving from your feet to the top of your head on the inhale, and then circulating down to the feet as you exhale.
        As you continue to breathe, cup your hands and see yourself sending energy to your hands as you exhale. Imagine that you are holding the person that you want to send this energy to between your hands. You can see or feel the energy that is running through your body as light, Divine Love, or however you choose to define it. The important thing is to feel it moving with your breath. Feel the Spirit, as energy, coursing in and through your body and then sending it to those in need. Keep breathing!
        As you breathe, imagine that there is a Divine energy which is being sent. Envision peace, love and light flowing into the mind of whoever the focus person is, so that not only will their bodies be cared for, but their minds will become unburdened and touched by joy. FEEL this as you breathe.
        Remember that the purpose of this activity is to envision abundance continuing to arrive to assist, feed, nourish and heal the person in need. It is an alternative to focusing your attention and energy on everything that is not going well. Knowing that the past cannot be changed, envision creative and supporting solutions beautifully created from the greatest good.
        You can also say a prayer or a blessing for the higher spirits or their spirit guides to take over in their lives and help them see the light. Remember that nothing is too big for the higher powers. For that which created the entire Universe can certainly intervene and bring ease to this situation.

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