Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mother & Father God Channeled Reading

        We are now introducing our brand new reading. This is something which we are very excited and passionate about. Dwayne and I use our channeling techniques and abilities everyday to connect with Mother & Father God, other deities, our Spirit Guides, and basically whoever we need assistance from. This is a beautiful process, and it brings through very wonderful and loving messages. We are now offering these services to the public through our shops via Etsy and Bonanza. The purchase price is set at $30 USD. For this you get to ask up to five questions or focus areas, and receive your own personalized messages from either Mother or Father God. We are offering this because we realize that not everyone can be open enough with matters in their life, and stressful times can create a block for connecting with the beyond. We want to help as many people as possible, and we feel this service will help us do that. Below you will find the item description which is featured in the listings.

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Channeled Messages From Mother & Father God
Personalized Guidance, Connect With Source
In Depth Response
500+ Words Sent Via PDF Email Delivery
Ask Up To 5 Questions
Follow Up Questions Welcomed If Needed

We are so sure you will love our readings! If you are not 100% satisfied with our processes you will receive a Reading Free of charge!!

This is a very serious in depth reading for everyone who would like to gain insight, ask questions, or hear messages from either Mother God or Father God. Various cultures recognize the existence of both a feminine and masculine side of God. This reading is targeted to those who need assistance in their life on in depth questions, or for those who simple need a little bit of guidance on whatever matters concern you. Love, Strength, Protection, Wisdom is just a few things that Father God brings through to us. Mother God is always there when we need her, but has often been pushed into the background and hidden. She brings through a nurturing aspect, action, wisdom, protection, love, and light. We call upon these two when we need to feel in balance. They create harmony, healing, and connection in our humdrum mundane lives. 

They can offer guidance and assistance on various topics such as love, fertility, psychic awareness, spiritual enlightenment, protection, info on your higher self, info on the worlds beyond, and much more. We use a channeling technique which is a form of mediumship to connect to get you the most in depth and accurate answers as possible. Before the reading you will get a chance to speak with us, and ask your questions for what specifically you would like to know. We serve to please you, and share the divine light. 

~~~How This Works~~~

* Simply purchase the reading and send a message to our shop with the following

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Date Of Birth (Month,Day,Year):

Who you want to connect with:

A little about yourself and why you felt guided to this reading:

Your Question(s):

* Please include in the message to our shop which one of us you want the reading from, and please include a photo if you have one available. This photo should have a good shot of your face and eyes. We promise to keep it safe!! Only we (Dwayne & Melody) will see it. All information we gather is kept safe and is to aid us in strengthening the connection between worlds.

This reading will be sent Via PDF Email Delivery!!

The response time for this reading will normally be within a few hours. In some cases it might be finished within a day or two. If purchased after 9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) your reading should be started promptly that next morning. Plus we are so sure you will love our readings! If you are not 100% satisfied you will receive a Free Reading! 

~~~Question Restrictions~~~
Please do not ask questions regarding lottery winnings, lottery numbers, casino questions, or anything that has to do with gambling. Also please do not ask questions regarding the date of death or anything of the like. Please ask your questions wisely. By purchasing this reading you agree that you have read and fully understand our Policies page. You must be 18 years or older to purchase this reading!

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