Friday, December 18, 2015

We're Ready For You

        Hello!! This is Melody and Dwayne here!! We wanted to welcome you to our blog if you are a newcomer, or welcome back if you are a regular visitor. We have been working on new readings and products to offer in our shops. Below we will explain about our Dark Secret Creations shop and which platforms we've available on. But to the left you will see a picture of us. This was taken this year during a ritual we were having. We had our spell candles in our ritual goblets and it was a beautiful night full of bright shining stars. You couldn't get too much more peaceful than that. But we wanted to show you this picture, because we have spell casts available in our shop through Bonanza. We used to have them through Etsy, but Etsy changed their policies on metaphysical goods..... Sooo each spell which is purchased, we do this entire ritual all for your spell intention. Normally we will send you some photography or a short video of the spell casting process. You can find more information about that below. But we're always open to receiving new clients and building a strong connection with them. We like to think of you all as friends, and we hope that you think of us as friends too. So whether this is through a spell cast, psychic reading, or whatever the case... We welcome you!!
Spell Casting Services
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All Spells only $30

Bonanza & Etsy Shop
Psychic Readings
Readings starting at only $5

Hand Crafted Jewelry!!
Unique One Of A Kind Jewelry
Click on our different jewelry categories. Go to our Bonanza booth, and scroll down a ways to and look to the left. You will see all of our Shop Categories to make your shopping experience easier.

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