Sunday, January 24, 2016

Self Esteem and Spiritual Growth

Be Yourself
        It is very important to be yourself, because being yourself is who you're meant to be. That sounds very cliche, but its true. Sometimes in life it is easy to look into another person's life and wish you had what they had or looked how they looked. But the grass is not always greener on the other side, and in fact some people use fake grass. Seriously, it is an illusion that other people's lives are better. You make the best out of your own life. This is how it is, and it is a wonderful way to be. If you see your life as terrible, chances are your life is going to be terrible. If you see yourself as ugly, fat, etc than chances are that is the way you're going to project yourself to others. Just like the picture I have attached here. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do you see yourself as beautiful? Do you see your life as beautiful? If not, then consider how you can go about changing your perspective on your own life.

        Sometimes people take themselves and life way too seriously.

        Yes that is me in the photo to the left. I took these shots a while ago, but upon reflection of a recent event with a client I wanted to show everyone that it is okay to not  take yourself seriously sometimes. Have you ever had to send a photo to someone or even taken a photo and thought it was a bad image of you? Have you ever thought "that photo of me is terrible" or some other variation of that? Well that in itself is bad for your emotional state of mind. Even by you saying "oh gosh we need to retake that, my face looks weird in this shot" while your taking a selfie with a friend... that is telling your inner self that you do not appreciate yourself for you who are. If you enjoy the beautiful shots of you then you should also enjoy the not so flattering shots of you as well. Why is that? It's because it is still you!!

        Be Confident In Yourself To Grow Your Spiritual Self Confidence!!

        What is Spiritual Self Confidence? It is having faith in yourself and your abilities which stem from your higher self and your intuition, psychic awareness, etc. Many people on a spiritual path want to grow faith in their abilities. Those abilities are within you, and to fully get those to come out you face to face yourself head on!! This means being confident in yourself the way you are physically as well as spiritually and emotionally. For example, Dwayne (man in the picture above) use to have a problem with becoming frustrated and angered easily. This use to really bother him, and he would avoid others in those times. By the time he was calmed down he didn't want to talk about it. This is a vicious cycle which is not just in anger or frustration, this can be seen in depression as well. I have has problems with depression in the past. I would feel like crying for no reason. After avoiding others and not talking about it and pushing it to the back of my mind I felt better. But this was not solving the issue. This was not getting down to the root of the problem. Issues with the emotions have to be faced to be healed. So does issues with the self image on a physical level as well.
         I want you to see by these photo's that it is okay to explore the other sides of yourself. I want you to see that not all photos of you have to be the most flattering shots. I want this to inspire you to look within yourself and be more of who you truly are. I want you to try to reflect on the image of yourself. Explore your physical image! See all of your good features as well as the others such as fat rolls, scars, dimples, etc. Really see yourself and understand that you are beautiful just the way you are. Can you change your physical body? Sure!! But do it for health, not to make yourself more beautiful. If you cannot appreciate yourself the way you look right now then you will have to wear a mask for the rest  of your life. You will have to pretend or hide for the rest of your life. Start now, begin today!! See yourself for how beautiful you are with whatever you consider as "flaws", and then change those flaws if you want. But do it for the right reasons. Once this happens you will be able to grow better spiritually, because you will be more FREE in your body then before. Once you are more FREE in your own body, you can explore your spiritual aspects more thoroughly.


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  1. One thing I deal with is putting my face out there. I have done extensive radio shows and now podcasts, but to put my face out there is the biggest mental block I have. And I am a person that people in my circles and professional world come to for advice and metaphysical type stuff. Yet this one area I can not face.

    1. Well the first thing to do is recognize the issue, and you've done that!! I feel your spiritual power and you can overcome this. We all suffer with being a bit self conscious sometimes. As humans I feel we cannot get away from it entirely. But I believe its working at it one moment at a time. I believe in you!! Thank you for your comment!!

      Cosmic Blessings,


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