Saturday, April 23, 2016

Should You Lie To A Psychic?

           I want to speak on a topic today that is very important. I feel it is something that needs to be spoken of, and is something that many people do not speak about. So here's the topic, when going to a psychic should you hold back information? Before we begin I do want to explain that psychics are like everyone else. Some are good and some are not so good. Think of a doctor, some genuinely care, but then there are the one's who seem to be pill pushers or are constantly coming up with another reason for you to come back in for a visit. So we have the good ones and the bad. This is the same with psychics. There are the one's that genuinely care and have gifts and intuitive abilities that they want to share. But then there are the others that are more in it for the money. This  is not an article to prove psychic abilities. Such things are up to personal interpretation. This is an article to answer the question of should you hold back information from a psychic?
          This topic came through to me because we have recently been through a situation like this. I will admit that this has happened before, and sometimes we know when the person is lying. But we don't go into a reading asking, is this person asking me an honest question? We go in honestly wanting to assist the client. Many other genuine psychics will agree that this has happened to them as well. So basically what happened was someone purchased a two question reading and lied about the information to see if we would know she was lying. She asked one true question, and got a true answer, and one deceitful question. Upon getting her answers she told us the truth and threatened us with a negative review if we didn't refund the money. Of coarse we avoided conflict and gave her money back and also let her know that she can give whatever review she wants. But why lie to a psychic? I understand wanted to be sure the psychic is true and you're not wasting your money, but consider how the questions are answered. The psychic picks up on your energy, and if you are lying it has the potential to  throw off the energy. 
         We go to doctors for physical help, we go to therapists for emotional help, and we go to psychics and other spiritual mentor/leaders for spiritual help. Would you lie to a new doctor? Would you go into a therapist and lie expecting for the therapist to automatically know what's wrong with you? NO!! So why would you go to a psychic and openly hold back information and lie expecting to for the psychic to read your mind. It's not a psychic's job to read your mind, and most psychic's wouldn't want to read people's minds. It's our job to read the energy and to go from there. Different psychics do their techniques in many ways. What benefit does it serve to you to lie to a psychic and make him or her frustrated? When you do this, you cause us to doubt ourselves and our gifts. Furthermore, you also prevent yourself from gaining some really good, insightful information. Honesty is the best policy, and that goes for psychic readings as well.
          So should you hold back information when going to a psychic, no. Be honest with who you are and what you want to know. Don't expect the psychic to read your mind. We've also got many people purchase a reading and say just bring through whatever you feel. That can be an issue too, because there is so much that the psychic could feel and bring through. We've had some who was not happy because they had a question in mind or a focus area in mind and we didn't mention it. Again this falls back to holding back information. If you want to ask a psychic a question then do it!! Not all are fakes, and before purchase ask them questions. For example ask things like... How long have you been ding this? What tools or methods do you use? What's your name? Etc. Also another indication is if a psychic doesn't have a photo of themselves anywhere. Perhaps they have all photos of sunsets or whatever. A psychic who wants to connect with their clients will not be shy to share their photo, and now days EVERYONE has connections to a camera. If you really want your photo taken surely there is someone in your life with a camera phone who will help you. You cannot expect for the psychic to give away their entire life story and everything about them, but surely their name and a photo is acceptable. For example if you went into a psychic in person you wouldn't expect them to refuse their name or hide their face right?! So use those few ways to determine if the psychic is good for you instead of lying or holding back information. Also pay attention to your emotions and intuition as it will guide your way!! If this article sounded like a rant then I am sorry, but I feel it is information that is very good and needs to be mentioned. Thank you for reading!!

Cosmic Blessings To You!!

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