Saturday, April 9, 2016

Vegetables & Spirituality - Our One Week Vegetable Fast

        Vegetables are naturally healthy and can be cooked or ate raw. The pack a lot of natural nutrients and aid in sustaining strong energy for your body. However, vegetables are not only good for your physical body. They're also good for your spiritual self. When you are healthy spiritually it can be easier for you to get healthier physically. Now please keep in mind I am NOT talking about being healthy to fit in that sexy outfit or to be more appealing to others. I am talking about being healthy for your own body, and in NO way am I personally referring to the media perception of how a human being should look. You can be skinny and unhealthy too. Anyway, spiritual and physical ideas used to be very linked in ancient cultures. This made us think... If we stopped consuming meats for a week how would this effect our spiritual self?! For the spiritual aspect it is good for our mind, body, and soul. We are excited about figuring out, and we have confirmed this to be a good idea with our spirit guides for our current path. 

Whats The Plan?!

        Beginning on April 11, 2016 we will be starting a Vegetable Fast. Please note that we are allowing ourselves to consume fruits as well. We will not be eating any kind of meat at all for an entire 7 days. We are both not vegetarians and this may be hard when you get a craving, but we are going to attempt this for our spiritual and physical bodies. Even though we are going to be eating vegetables we are not ruling out snacks and sweets. We are also not ruling out starches, cheese, or egss. Also to note, we only consume cage free or free range eggs. So this is NOT a pure detox, but we are assuming that this will be wonderful for gaining additional spiritual and physical energy. We will also be cutting down on soda and drinking more water, juice, and tea. The meals we are going to prepare will be vegetables or fruits which can be cooked. So we will be using a variety of methods. This whole week we will be logging our process. This process will include what we've consumed, our weight before and after, how this is affecting our spirituality, as well as our physical body and energy. We assume this week will be very good for our soul and for our spirituality. We will be trying our best at documenting any additional energies which come through and maybe whatever addition visions or messages we get from the spirit realms. We will be logging how this improves our spiritual and intuitive gifts too. Our weight as of April 9, 2016 is 214 pounds for Dwayne and 280 pounds for Melody. We also want to mention beforehand that this is not about losing weight. This is about the spiritual progression when someone does not consume meats, as well as how this affects our spiritual and physical energy. After all that meat used to be a living being, and we have been feeling very bad about consuming animals since we've been progressing more on our spiritual journey. We are logging our weight because we know that this process can be seen as a diet. But we do not have this in our minds as a diet, and we will not be counting calories. We do want to mention that we will be making sure we consume enough protein from certain vegetables and fruits. We may also get a protein powder to help out with that too. At least one time a day we will both be consuming a glass of detox tea. This is a mixture of a bunch of consumable plants used in cleansing your body. 

Let The Process Begin!!
Stay Tuned For The Progress!!

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