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Paganism And Wicca For The Beginner

Paganism And Wicca For The Beginner

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         This is a topic that has recently been requested for us to touch base on. It's something that I feel is very important to know for anyone who is beginning their journey into Wiccan and Pagan Spirituality. It is important to remember that each practitioner has their own processes and ways of doing things. So this will be my take on it, and I am more of a simplistic witch, and so it Dwayne. What does simplistic witch mean? Basically it is not requiring or wanting as many tools. We use whatever is around us for our magic, and try to keep things simple and nature based as possible. But before we begin these lessons let's get some background information on Wicca and Pagan spirituality.
         Many will say that Wicca and Paganism is very different, but I believe that it is very close to one and the same, because it has the same core basics. Both are nature based and centered around peace, inner balance, and divine connection. Wicca and Paganism is both centered around rituals and spells. Chants are also a part of both, and a chant is very similar to a prayer. Actually spells and rituals are basically more elaborate forms of prayers. It is a way to send the intentions and focused energies out into the universe and ultimately to the divine. I am saying divine, because each practitioner can choose their own God or Goddess, or both to worship. Some choose to not call it worshiping, rather it is more a form of connecting and establishing oneness with those higher entities. Normally both Pagans and Wiccans will look to both a God and a Goddess, and this is the divine feminine and divine masculine. It is also a form of duality as there are aspects of both in nature. As for a good and evil representation, some people refer to withes as either black or white (good or evil), but it is more than this. True magic is neither black or white, and it is in the heart of the witch as to which to choose. We all have free will, and magical practices are no different. So many misrepresent witchcraft, paganism, and Wicca as being devil worshipers, but it's not. That couldn't be farther from the truth. It is centered around the same basics as many other religions, and that is treat others as you would want to be treated. Most normally adhere to one major rule and law. They are as follows...

"Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill, An it harm none do what ye will"

        This means to follow your heart and do what your free will leads you to so long as you do not harm anyone or anything in the process. This relates to not casting spells on others who you don't have permission from. This includes casting curses or otherwise selfish spells to invoke your will upon another. This also means in everyday life, treat others the way you want to be treated and to do good!

"Ever mind the rule of three, that whatsoever you do be it good or for harm, shall come back to you times three."

        The Rule of Three is sometimes described as karma by Wiccans, however this is not strictly accurate. Both concepts describe the process of cause and effect and often encourage the individual to act in a good way. However the concept of karma, according to the scriptures of Buddhism, Hinduism and other eastern belief systems, does not operate on a system of three-fold return. According to some traditions, the rule of three is not literal but symbolizes that our energy returns our way as many times as needed for us to learn the lesson associated with it. So basically this means to watch what you do and give good if you want to receive good. This related to the laws of attraction, and whatever it is that you're focusing on, you attract. So if the witch is focusing on doing hard unto others, then hard will also befall upon her/him. But spreading good, love, light, etc. will bring forth those things to you. But it shouldn't be done for selfish reasoning, such as giving away things to receive things. Do your good deeds with an honest heart.
          It is also important to know that many people call this new age religions, but it is not new aged. These spiritual practices and beliefs are actually based on very ancient ones. This is more of a re-awakening of the past. So know that Wiccans, Pagans, and Witches are not New Agers. They are practicing a very ancient form or spirituality and belief. Some of the structures may be newer, but the core beliefs are genuine and true. Look at some of your more commonly known religions such as Chistianity. Some structures may change, but at the core it is the same beliefs as it ever was, for the most  path anyway, but that's another subject. Paganism and Wicca are nature based, spiritual and peaceful beliefs. Many wouldn't even refer to this as a religion in modern terms, to the serious practitioners and witches it is A WAY OF LIFE. That is how deep this spirituality runs. 

Stay tuned to this website for more lessons on beginning your journey as a witch. 

Cosmic Blessings,

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