Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What's New With Us?

Greetings to you!!

        Hello, this is Melody and I just wanted to say hello to everyone and let you all know what we've been up to. This is our new addition to our family. It's a little grey alien figurine which we made. You had to glue it together and paint it. We are currently in the process of making him a friend. As for Dwayne and I we've been awaiting parts for our car. We are in the process of getting the front windows rolling smoothly again so the car will pass inspection. It's a hassle, but it has to get done. We have also been working on some new things for our Bonanza shop such as metaphysical items, jewelry, and much more. I know I've said this before, but it is on its way so stay tuned.
        We have also been working on ourselves spiritually and growing connections with our spirit family. This has been done through channeling and such. I also wanted to mention that someone asked me if I could teach them the ways of Wicca and how to begin. I was honored, and even though we have been occupied with daily things, I wanted to let everyone know that this will likely be done through a serious of YouTube videos. These videos will be posted here as well for your convenience, but I feel keeping the Pagan and Wiccan ways alive are very important. Dwayne and I are honored to be starting these videos, and we'll be sure to be as thorough as we can. We are not a part of a large coven or anything, and we are considered solitary practitioners or whatever that would be named. We don't really categorize ourselves as a coven, and we do feel that labels are not necessary. But it is something that we're to begin soon so stay tuned for that too. 
        I did have someone on my mind I wanted to share with you all. First let me say that I could care less about politics. Whether that is a good choice or not I don't know, but its something that I don't give too much of my time to. However, I had a dream a few weeks ago about Hilary Clinton becoming president. I will spare you the details of the dream. I personally think it would be really awesome to have a female president. Sorry if I step on anyone's toes with that, but it's something I feel and don't say she has lied, because all of them do. But generally speaking I think Hilary would do a good job. Now this is what is interesting... Dwayne had a dream that Donald Trump became president. We don't really think that would be as good of a choice, and I will spare you the details of the dream. So we have been assuming that the presidency race will be between male and female, Trump and Clinton. Out of the two we would love Hilary to make it. I also wanted to share that this would be the second time in a row I've had a dream about presidency before it happened. The first time was with Obama, but I didn't know it was him. I had the dream a few years before he ran for president, and I didn't even know who he was. Again I will spare the details, but it happened and I knew he would become president. So does this mean that Hilary will? Time will tell. 
          I also want to share with you two photos of our adorable little kitties. We've had them since kittens. Gizmo (patchy one) is older, and Hershey (black and brown one) is younger. Aren't they so cute and lazy?! This is also what we've been doing. Relaxing and taking it easy. I share with you these photos, because I feel cats have something to teach us. When we're stressed and worries, take a nap or relax. Sit for a moment and watch life in meditation or contemplation like a cat would looking out a window. So the next time you need a break, take it and enjoy. 

Cosmic Blessings,

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