Thursday, June 23, 2016

Calling All Lower Delaware Witches & Esoterics

Do you live in Lower Delaware?
Are you into metaphysical things?
Are you a witch looking for other witchy friends?
Welcome Pagans, Wiccans, and esoteric's of all kinds!!

Hello everyone!! We hope your day is going well. Dwayne and I have been wondering how many people of similar belief are around us in the Lower Delaware area. We live in Sussex County Delaware, and it's hard to meet spiritual friends. It seems like everyone hides. We contemplated witch covens in the area, but didn't want to join anyone elses. So do you live near Sussex County Delaware? Are you a Pagan, Wiccan, into witchcraft, into channeling, divination, psychic awareness, ancient teachings, aliens, alien contact, etc.? Please no highly judgmental people, overly political people, etc. So if you call the Lower Delaware area home and are into any of those things above or are merely open to being pals place a comment below or email us at We don't get on social media much like Facebook and such. So if you wanted to chat first (and we probably would too) we can do so through text, email, or skype before meeting in person.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Unisex Collection

Unisex Collection

Hello Everyone we want to invite you to our Unisex Collection available in our shop. These few items can be worn by both men and women alike. We don't have a lot of items like this right now but we do have some new ideas that we have been working on and when we figure them out we will be posting them up as well. Lets get into the few shown above. 

Our first item (top pic) is a beautiful bracelet set. This is a his and hers bracelet set. The larger rectangular stone bracelet is the hers and is the Black Tourmaline stones, and the round Black Dragon Vein Agate stones with Black Wood Beads being the his. But both bracelets are unisex in design so this is a very versatile set. This stone has a high energy and with its colors make it perfect for men's jewelry.   

Our second item (bottom left) is a lovely inspirational wrap bracelet. This Brown Leather Cuff Bracelet is unisex in design, so it is perfect for both men and women! It features a Gold Tone Metal Stamped Bible Verse, John 3:16. It has a triple wrap design which creates a nice layer on the wrist. The stamped words read "For God so loved the world -- John 3:16."

Our third and final item (bottom right) is also a lovey inspirational wrap bracelet. This Blue Leather Blessed Cuff Bracelet is unisex in design, so it is perfect for both men and women! It features a Silver Tone Metal Stamped Tag that says, Blessed. It has a triple wrap design which creates a nice layer on the wrist. The stamped word reads "Blessed."

These lovely bracelets  and more can be found on our Dark Secret Creations shop. Thank you for viewing and Happy Shopping!!!!! 

Visit Our Shop:

Blessed Be,
Melody & Dwayne

For The Ladies

For The Ladies

Hello and welcome to some of our For The Ladies items, We have a lot to offer for women, young ladies, and little girls. These items range from jewelry sets, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. All these pieces are one of a kind and are handcrafted by us. Let me explain a little about the pieces that are featured in the photo above. 

Our first item (top left) is a beautiful ring that is made with a 20 gauge black wire. The bead has a slight textured feel and has high polished circles that catch light. The ring glides on and off smoothly and is perfect for someone wanting to make a statement. The whimsical swirl of the wire caging the bead gives the ring a mystical aura. This ring is a size 10 only. 

Our second item (top right) is a  Sweet 16 Three Piece Jewelry Set. The silver tone set includes a necklace, a bracelet and dangle earrings. A teenage girls 16th birthday is one they will remember for a very long time. It is a time of transition and self awareness. This is why it is so special. Celebrate someone in your life by getting them this Sweet 16 Set. 

Our third item (bottom left) is a Rose Quartz Semi Precious Gemstone Tray Pendant Necklace. This tray pendant has a beautiful Rose Quartz stone securely placed inside the tray. The reflection of light off this stone is stunning in both natural and artificial light. 

Our fourth item (bottom left) is a beautiful bracelet.This whimsical charm bracelet is made with a bunch of charms in shades of pink on pink iron metal chain.  This bracelet has over 30 charms!The various charms are all unique. Some have wire wrapped spirals for that whimsical feel. Each charm has its own character. This bracelet is truly one of a kind. It was made with a bunch of  acrylic and glass beads. Each link of this chain has its own charm dangling from it. 

All of these wonderful gifts ideas and more can be found on our Dark Secret Creations shop. Thank you for viewing and Happy Shopping!!!!! 

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Blessed Be,
Melody & Dwayne

Tree Of Life Collection

Tree Of Life Collection

I want to welcome you our Tree Of Life Collection!!!! We have four pieces in this collection and each pieces is handmade with love and care. Before I get into what each of these pieces are I want to give you a brief meaning of the Tree Of Life.

Tree Of Life Meaning:
The Tree Of Life has been mentioned in many religions and spiritual faiths throughout history. As a general guide the tree of life represents the fact that we are all connected to one another, humans, animals, and earth. It is also seen as a representation of Life and is often seen as a symbol of the creator of all. Wearing the Tree Of Life Pendant will help guide you to strength, growth, and prosperity. Just as the tree with its strong roots and ever present growing limbs. It will remind you that you are a Child of the Universe, you have the right to exist, and that you have the responsibility to grow in all aspects. Trees are often seen to link us to the past. Long after we're gone the trees will still be here telling there ever-present tale. This is why the Tree Of Life Pendants are so beautiful and popular. 

Our first tree (top left) is crafted with 20 gauge stainless steel wire wrapped circle frame and 24 gauge copper wire that has been wrapped around for even more support to the pendant's base. The tree in the center and the bail is made with the same 24 gauge copper wire. The leaves of the tree are made with Tigers Eye and Peridot Semi Precious Stone chips.

Our second tree (bottom left) is crafted with 20 gauge stainless steel wire wrapped circle frame. The tree in the center is made with 24 gauge silver tone copper wire.  The leaves of the tree are made with Tigers Eye, Garnet and Smoky Quartz Semi Precious Stone chips. Green acrylic leaves dangle from the bottom of the pendant and bail. 

Our third tree (bottom right) is crafted with a stainless steel circle frame. The tree in the center is made with 24 gauge silver tone copper wire.  The leaves of the tree are made with Amethyst and Rose Quartz Semi Precious Stone chips.

Our fourth tree (top right) is a set that has been crafted with green acrylic leaves and brown glass seed beads.  This Tree Of Life two piece set comes complete with matching necklace and earrings The Tree Pendant Charms are so beautifully unique. The leaves jingle against one another and almost sound like actual leaves blowing in the wind. 

All of these wonderful gifts ideas and more can be found on our Dark Secret Creations Shop. Thank you for viewing and Happy Shopping!!!!! 

Visit Our Shop: or click the link: Our Bonanza Shop located to left.

Blessed Be,
Melody & Dwayne

Dowsing Pendulums For Sale

Dowsing Pendulums
Unique & One Of A Kind

Each of our pendulums are handmade by the hands of us, Melody & Dwayne. We take the time to craft each piece into perfection. We then bless the pendulums and charge them by the light of the sun, moon, and stars. These pendulums are beautiful, but they're also very powerful. They are enchanted to connect the user with their own channeling abilities that reside deep within. We price most of them at $20, and we offer both domestic and international shipping. We make sure your package arrives to you completely safe. For all packages shipped as domestic we get tracking, and we wrap all of our items tight and secure. Before we send out each package we say a blessing over it to give it a safe journey, and to protect it from any negative energies that it may cross along its journey from us to you. You get all of that with the low price of $20 plus shipping. 

What is a pendulum?
A pendulum is simply a small weight at the end of a cord of chain. They have been used throughout history for different reasons. Doctors would sometimes use them to determine the gender of an unborn child. Some would use them to locate infections and weaknesses in the body, and that's just to name a few. In later times people began to trust in the pendulum enough to let it help guide them through difficult times in their lives. It’s commonly used in dowsing and new age beliefs. It is basically thought as an extension of the intuition. It helps you see what your subconscious mind already knows. Some people believe it is your guardian Angel or Spirit who answers the questions. Either way it is good for answering "yes" or "no" questions, but many people use pendulums with boards that have the alphabet spelled out for more in depth connection.

How To Use It:
Hold the pendulum in your hand and try to clear your mind. Once you're ready extend your arm and hand out slightly while holding the pendulum. Let the stone freely swing, but before beginning make sure it’s still. You can ask something like the following either out loud or mentally. "Pendulum, please show me yes." "Pendulum, please show me no." Give a few seconds to a minute in between each question to determine which way your stone moves. For Example: if it moves in a circle after you ask it to show you yes then that is the way it will show you yes in the future. And if it moves in a straight line for no then the same goes for future questions. It may help for you to occasionally ask these questions again because it can change as you change, and do the same if someone handles your pendulum.

We also have available Pendulum Boards!!
Below is one of many different designs we have. You receive an 8x10 inch print. They're printed using archival paper and ink for long lasting color. These are normally priced at $10 plus shipping. 

With purchase you will also receive a downloadable PDF of our personal booklet of information you may need to enhance your sessions with your pendulum board.

To Purchase go to...
or go directly to the Wiccan/Pagan Tools Category

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Basic Levels Of Soul Progression and Soul Differences

        We are going to be covering the basic different levels of souls. These will be ranked seemingly from lower to higher, but in a higher perspective all are created equal. None are better than others as all souls are on their own journeys no matter if that soul comes from the earthly planes or beyond. These will also be the main one's within the earthly physical planes of existence with exception of the animal and plant kingdoms, which is more complex. This will be basic, and perhaps later on there will be another more in depth looks into each of these. But for now let’s explain a bit about dimensions. There are different layers within existence, and some are newer souls, generally humans are newer souls, but not all people incarnated on earth are humans. This can be confusing, but bear with me here. There are different dimensions in existence, and by existence I mean as an entire whole without relating any one to any certain dimension. In all creation and existence there are different layers, and these layers can coincide with one another. Science on earth is just now breaking through to the knowledge due to help from alien lifeforms. We will not be covering each of the dimensions right now, but I did want to explain about the dimensions to help lessen the confusion.
        Let’s begin with humanity. Humans are beings on planet earth and generally they’re very diverse. Humans are generally on earth for learning experience, and humans can have multiple lifetimes on earth before they ascend to the higher realms. This would be like taking on a new rank if we were thinking about it in army or military terms. Not all humans are new souls. Some are medium in age and some are older in age. Some humans can be rather ancient. But it all depends upon their willingness to learn from their incarnations. This is the time when we bring in the topic of Karma and the laws of cause and effect. Living a life of selfishness, seeing oneself as better, or otherwise being very negative in focus will not better your soul along the life path. By life path I mean your entire life, and not just a certain incarnation. Living a life of selflessness, spreading joy/love/inner light, and generally being positive and sharing that positivity with others will lead to a soul being “ranked up”. That’s the only wording I could think of to explain this. Now some do live their lives in the middle, and we all fall short of our divine purpose. But consider how some religions teach that doing good will ascend your soul to a better place and doing bad will not ascend your soul or will send it to a worse place. It is similar to that frame of thought. So this explains why some humans have a shorter amount of incarnations, and some have loads of them. It depends upon the soul and the free will therein to determine how long the soul needs to be in the earthly planes of existence.
        Now let’s go to another form of layer, the enlightened souls. Within this one we are exploring the souls who have ascended. Some of these are human from earth and some are from other planets. But generally these would be considered souls in the heavenly realms. Souls that have mainly finished their lives in the earthly realms and have ascended and it is true that these enlightened souls can incarnate again on earth to help others in their own ascension. These people would be considered angelic humans or enlightened souls. These souls when incarnated again on earth can also be described as lightworkers. Keep in mind that for the sake of avoiding confusion we will be keeping this basic for now. Later on we will go more in depth into each of these. But the enlightened souls would be in a higher dimensional plane then physical earth, and these souls can also enlist as spirit guides to humans.
        Now let’s move onto the higher realms, overseeing souls. The names of these types of souls are higher energy vibration and have been called many different things in the earthly planes. Some of these names are angels, prophets, etc. These souls would be considered as the overseeing souls. They have reached a level of enlightenment that gives them a higher perspective upon situations. These souls can oversee the other levels because they’ve reached a higher level of understanding. It is also true that these souls can incarnate on earth, and when they do they would have a very important mission in life. This would be a divine mission. A name for these kinds of souls who incarnate would be incarnated angels, prophets, etc.
        Let us now move onto those who are known in the earthly realms as Gods or Goddesses. These souls are often seen as different from human souls. This doesn’t necessarily make them better or anything, but it does give them a higher perspective. They were created not in the earthly realms, but in the higher realms or levels. This doesn’t separate them from humans or the other levels we’ve covered, but it does give them a bit more power and enlightenment. They can oversee all the other realms, and by now I am assuming that you’re seeing how each of these are tied with one another. These souls who’re considered to be the earthly Gods and Goddesses are those who literally came to earth and oversaw humanity over the years. These stem from ancient times to modern times. These souls are generally seen as very ancient. It is relatively rare, but very possible for these souls to incarnate on earth. When this happens it would be an extremely important goal in mind, and there would be a divine mission that needed to be accomplished. In modern times these souls may incarnate to help with the global ascension into the higher realms, and to aid in humans gaining more understanding as the earth has been reaching very dark times. These souls would come to help brighten up those darkened times. So these souls would generally incarnate in perhaps rough neighborhoods or undertake trauma and troubles in lifetime so they can get to the places and people who really need the help. Remember this is not common, but possible.
        Now we are going to simply mention source energy, and this has many different names. Some of these would be source, creator, God, Mother and Father God, Prime Creator, etc. Generally speaking this kind of energy does not have to incarnate on earth. It merely can go wherever as it has access to all. It is also true that the Gods/Goddesses and overseeing souls can do this as well. They can go where they need to assist, but this source energy has the highest perspective and is the most ancient and wise. We are not going to travel to keep into this level. Perhaps in the future, but for now we’re stopping here. Stay tuned for more.