Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Basic Levels Of Soul Progression and Soul Differences

        We are going to be covering the basic different levels of souls. These will be ranked seemingly from lower to higher, but in a higher perspective all are created equal. None are better than others as all souls are on their own journeys no matter if that soul comes from the earthly planes or beyond. These will also be the main one's within the earthly physical planes of existence with exception of the animal and plant kingdoms, which is more complex. This will be basic, and perhaps later on there will be another more in depth looks into each of these. But for now let’s explain a bit about dimensions. There are different layers within existence, and some are newer souls, generally humans are newer souls, but not all people incarnated on earth are humans. This can be confusing, but bear with me here. There are different dimensions in existence, and by existence I mean as an entire whole without relating any one to any certain dimension. In all creation and existence there are different layers, and these layers can coincide with one another. Science on earth is just now breaking through to the knowledge due to help from alien lifeforms. We will not be covering each of the dimensions right now, but I did want to explain about the dimensions to help lessen the confusion.
        Let’s begin with humanity. Humans are beings on planet earth and generally they’re very diverse. Humans are generally on earth for learning experience, and humans can have multiple lifetimes on earth before they ascend to the higher realms. This would be like taking on a new rank if we were thinking about it in army or military terms. Not all humans are new souls. Some are medium in age and some are older in age. Some humans can be rather ancient. But it all depends upon their willingness to learn from their incarnations. This is the time when we bring in the topic of Karma and the laws of cause and effect. Living a life of selfishness, seeing oneself as better, or otherwise being very negative in focus will not better your soul along the life path. By life path I mean your entire life, and not just a certain incarnation. Living a life of selflessness, spreading joy/love/inner light, and generally being positive and sharing that positivity with others will lead to a soul being “ranked up”. That’s the only wording I could think of to explain this. Now some do live their lives in the middle, and we all fall short of our divine purpose. But consider how some religions teach that doing good will ascend your soul to a better place and doing bad will not ascend your soul or will send it to a worse place. It is similar to that frame of thought. So this explains why some humans have a shorter amount of incarnations, and some have loads of them. It depends upon the soul and the free will therein to determine how long the soul needs to be in the earthly planes of existence.
        Now let’s go to another form of layer, the enlightened souls. Within this one we are exploring the souls who have ascended. Some of these are human from earth and some are from other planets. But generally these would be considered souls in the heavenly realms. Souls that have mainly finished their lives in the earthly realms and have ascended and it is true that these enlightened souls can incarnate again on earth to help others in their own ascension. These people would be considered angelic humans or enlightened souls. These souls when incarnated again on earth can also be described as lightworkers. Keep in mind that for the sake of avoiding confusion we will be keeping this basic for now. Later on we will go more in depth into each of these. But the enlightened souls would be in a higher dimensional plane then physical earth, and these souls can also enlist as spirit guides to humans.
        Now let’s move onto the higher realms, overseeing souls. The names of these types of souls are higher energy vibration and have been called many different things in the earthly planes. Some of these names are angels, prophets, etc. These souls would be considered as the overseeing souls. They have reached a level of enlightenment that gives them a higher perspective upon situations. These souls can oversee the other levels because they’ve reached a higher level of understanding. It is also true that these souls can incarnate on earth, and when they do they would have a very important mission in life. This would be a divine mission. A name for these kinds of souls who incarnate would be incarnated angels, prophets, etc.
        Let us now move onto those who are known in the earthly realms as Gods or Goddesses. These souls are often seen as different from human souls. This doesn’t necessarily make them better or anything, but it does give them a higher perspective. They were created not in the earthly realms, but in the higher realms or levels. This doesn’t separate them from humans or the other levels we’ve covered, but it does give them a bit more power and enlightenment. They can oversee all the other realms, and by now I am assuming that you’re seeing how each of these are tied with one another. These souls who’re considered to be the earthly Gods and Goddesses are those who literally came to earth and oversaw humanity over the years. These stem from ancient times to modern times. These souls are generally seen as very ancient. It is relatively rare, but very possible for these souls to incarnate on earth. When this happens it would be an extremely important goal in mind, and there would be a divine mission that needed to be accomplished. In modern times these souls may incarnate to help with the global ascension into the higher realms, and to aid in humans gaining more understanding as the earth has been reaching very dark times. These souls would come to help brighten up those darkened times. So these souls would generally incarnate in perhaps rough neighborhoods or undertake trauma and troubles in lifetime so they can get to the places and people who really need the help. Remember this is not common, but possible.
        Now we are going to simply mention source energy, and this has many different names. Some of these would be source, creator, God, Mother and Father God, Prime Creator, etc. Generally speaking this kind of energy does not have to incarnate on earth. It merely can go wherever as it has access to all. It is also true that the Gods/Goddesses and overseeing souls can do this as well. They can go where they need to assist, but this source energy has the highest perspective and is the most ancient and wise. We are not going to travel to keep into this level. Perhaps in the future, but for now we’re stopping here. Stay tuned for more. 

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