Tuesday, June 21, 2016

For The Ladies

For The Ladies

Hello and welcome to some of our For The Ladies items, We have a lot to offer for women, young ladies, and little girls. These items range from jewelry sets, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. All these pieces are one of a kind and are handcrafted by us. Let me explain a little about the pieces that are featured in the photo above. 

Our first item (top left) is a beautiful ring that is made with a 20 gauge black wire. The bead has a slight textured feel and has high polished circles that catch light. The ring glides on and off smoothly and is perfect for someone wanting to make a statement. The whimsical swirl of the wire caging the bead gives the ring a mystical aura. This ring is a size 10 only. 

Our second item (top right) is a  Sweet 16 Three Piece Jewelry Set. The silver tone set includes a necklace, a bracelet and dangle earrings. A teenage girls 16th birthday is one they will remember for a very long time. It is a time of transition and self awareness. This is why it is so special. Celebrate someone in your life by getting them this Sweet 16 Set. 

Our third item (bottom left) is a Rose Quartz Semi Precious Gemstone Tray Pendant Necklace. This tray pendant has a beautiful Rose Quartz stone securely placed inside the tray. The reflection of light off this stone is stunning in both natural and artificial light. 

Our fourth item (bottom left) is a beautiful bracelet.This whimsical charm bracelet is made with a bunch of charms in shades of pink on pink iron metal chain.  This bracelet has over 30 charms!The various charms are all unique. Some have wire wrapped spirals for that whimsical feel. Each charm has its own character. This bracelet is truly one of a kind. It was made with a bunch of  acrylic and glass beads. Each link of this chain has its own charm dangling from it. 

All of these wonderful gifts ideas and more can be found on our Dark Secret Creations shop. Thank you for viewing and Happy Shopping!!!!! 

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Melody & Dwayne

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