Thursday, May 11, 2017

Psychics: Older Is Better? Truth Or Bullshit?

          Hello everyone, Melody here. I wanted to take some time today to discuss something that has been on my mind. For reasons of respect and privacy I am not going to go over the details of what I am about to discuss. We had a client come to us with a question regarding love. It came to my attention that this client had a lot weighing on the heart, and I felt a need to bring that to this person's attention because it's something that we cannot always clearly see within ourselves. So after doing so I proceeded with the information regarding the question. For this person's own reasons this person disagreed and began spouting how the reading I gave was negative. This person accused me of bringing all negative information, but it was only negative because that is what I was bringing up regarding the heart chakra energy that I saw. Which, by the way, I prompted her to do some personal meditations for herself focused on the heart chakra. I did not prompt her to purchase a healing or anything. I brought that weighing energy within this person to their attention so that they can move forward by releasing it, but I suppose it triggered many negative feelings within. Well this person then went into saying how they're a much older psychic then I. I responded by saying, well then next time read yourself.
        So there is two things I would like to discuss. One, when you go into a reading with a psychic please try to be open to what the psychic has to say. Sure there are some out there who will spill out fluff and sugar coatings to get you to remain happy with their reading. Sure there are some who will try to fear you into buying chakra cleansings and energy cleansing by saying that your energy is bad. But if a psychic advises you that you might want to meditate and do some personal energy cleansings then you might want to consider listening. So try to be open to what the psychic has to say, after all you're spending your hard earned money to gain assistance into looking into a situation which is weighing on you. You owe it to yourself and to the psychic's time to remain open to what this psychic has to say. A good psychic will bring through what they see, no matter good or bad, if it is in the best interest of the client to know. A good psychic will take the risk of upsetting a client with the truth if that's what they see.
         The second topic I want to discuss is if you're older, does that automatically make you a better psychic? I am 30 years old today in 2017. Does that make a psychic who may be 50 or 60 better then me? Maybe yes, but also maybe no. Does my age of 30 make me better then a psychic who may be 18 or 20 years old? Maybe yes, but also maybe no. Why is this? It's because each person who is in tune with their psychic energies will have strength where others may have weaknesses. For example person a may be great at reading people's thoughts. While person b may be more atuned with people's energy. This is relating to which stronger psychic abilities the person is in tune with. So does your age make you better then someone who is younger? No! It does not. Does your age make you better then someone who is older? No! It does not. For example person a has a repair shop that has been open for 20 years. While person b may have a repair shop that has been open for only 10 years. Does the years being open make person a better? No. For example, does a fast food joint which has been open for 50 years make them any tastier then one which has only been open for maybe 5 years? No, that 5 year joint could be tastier.
        This has turned into a rant... but it is something I want to get out there. If you're going to purchase a reading from a psychic please try to be open to what they have to say. Ask questions to them if you're not clear on their answers. Be open and communicative with them, as the psychic will surely try to help be clear as best as they can. And if you're a psychic who is going to purchase a reading from another psychic, place your judgements aside and surely don't throw the fact that you're an older psychic in their face.

If you're interested in purchasing a reading from us at DarkSecretCreations, please be aware that we try not to judge anyone. We bring through what we feel and see, and we hold nothing back. We try our best to be mindful of the feelings of our clients while at the same time being truthful. Sometimes the answers you'll get will be what you want to hear. Sometimes it may not, but we will bring through what we see in your energy and along your path. You can trust that we'll not sugar coat the answers, but we will relay them in a respectful way. We try to give a loving friendship energy to our clients. We try to be open and relatable, and we see that in a psychic reading we are teaming up with you to get the answers that you're seeking. 

Thanks for reading!!
Cosmic Blessings, Melody

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