Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Shop Update: Taking A Break

We have decided to take a short break. So we placed our shops on Bonanza and Etsy on vacation mode. We are not literally going anywhere. We are merely taking a short break for cleansing. There has been work being done on our home, and that was becoming too demanding. We do not like to conduct readings with other people's energies are around. We do our readings in a cleansed and sanctioned area which we have set a protection around, but with the work being done on the home, these workers were coming into the space. So we decided it best to take a break while the work is being finished. A short break from psychic readings is actually really hard to do for us. We want to help people as much as we can, but we realized that we cannot always help people unless we make sure that we are in the right state of mind. So that's what this short break is about. Our shops will be back up and we will be ready in the beginning days of June. Actually we thought we were going to be back around Thursday June 1, 2017. But we are not sure if the workers will be finished by then. So we will likely be back on Monday June 5, 2017. To give back to everyone who had to deal with us taking a break, as we have many repeat clients and friends who come to us daily or weekly, we will be giving a coupon code. Look for the coupon code to be posted here on our blog on June 5th.
Much Love & Many Cosmic Blessings To All

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