Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Melody's Birthday Update: Pagan Themed

Hello everyone, I am happy to share this update with all of you. As some of you may know, Dwayne and I have placed our shops on vacation from July 3rd-July 8th 2017. We did so to celebrate my birthday which is July 5th as well as July 4th. On the 4th for Independence day we BBQ'd. It wasn't anything large. Just perfect for us and our family. We sat outside and saw some fireworks that a few of our neighbors snuck in. We try our best to avoid large amounts of traffic. We have an older model car, 1999 Chrysler, and it's great to us. But we don't like to put it through too much stress. We live in Lower Delaware near the beaches, so it can be VERY busy here in the Summer. As you can image, we are homebodies in the Summer. Who am I lying? LOL We're always homebodies. Anyway today that I am writing this is the 5th of July, and it's the day of my birth 31 years ago. What an amazing ride so far. I've been through ups as well as downs. Went through much learning, and I know there is much more learning to come. I'm excited to see what this earthly journey brings. As some of you know, I am Pagan. I dislike labels, but the closely label would be Pagan. In the attached video I share my pagan and viking themed gifts to all of you. In the above photo you see a Viking Oracle deck... you can expect some global message readings done through these cards on my YouTube Channel (link below). If you aren't subscribed to my channel, go check it out. If you're interested in Dwayne's personal channel then see the links to the sections of the left on this page. I honor and connect with many "Gods and Goddesses" and "Pantheons", but the one's whom I am more frequently connecting with is those of the Norse.

Below you will see some photos from today. We made cup cakes homemade. They were chocolate almond. Yes you will see the theme of the Sophia The First show from Disney. Call me a big kid, but I love that show. That is one show which brings out my inner child. You'll also see three necklaces. One is a pendant that looks like my cat Hershey (pictured below), and one says Fonn which is a name of mine from a past life. The other says Sif, she is a Goddess in the Norse Pantheon. Watch the video for more information on her. Two two rings are a symbolic gift moreso from my spirit guides and my husband Dwayne. I hope that you have had a safe July so far, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your July. My birthday has been good, and I am so very thankful for all of you.

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