Saturday, October 28, 2017

Are You Ready To Be A Spirit Worker?

          The term Spirit Keeper is a term to describe someone who gathers spirits or befriends and holds a bond with spirits whom they are soul bonded with, come across, or otherwise have in their presence. The term Spirit Worker is something that I like more, because it sounds nicer. The term spirit keeper sounds like you're hoarding the spirits away and enslaving them. A spirit worker is just that, someone who works with or befriends spirits. The spirits can be of any sort from djinn spirits, spirit guides, angelic figures, demonic figures, fairies, elemental spirits, Gods, Goddesses, human spirits, alien or spirits, etc. I have come across several different individuals and different types of Spirit Keepers or Spirit Workers.  In my own opinion there are characteristics that make good Spirit Keepers, and some that shouldn't even bother. You waste the Spell Caster's time, the Otherworld Entities time, and your own time if you don't go in with pure intentions. I will explain more about what I mean below.

         So you want to b a spirit keeper or spirit worker? Why do you want to be a Spirit worker? That's a question you should ask yourself. Is it a friend you're seeking, a spirit guide, or a spiritual leader? Are you ready to grow as a person and learn important lessons? Are you wanting to know more about other places or other beings, and perhaps exchange information with one another, such as spiritual knowledge? If you can answer yes to these questions, your attitude is ideal for a Spirit worker. If you plan to make this a mutually positive relationship, then you are an ideal Spirit worker. However, if your interests lie only in what you can get out of this relationship, and you just want to use this entity to get something and then toss them aside, then just move along. If you're wanting a spirit around you to be a wish granter or to do all the work in life for you, then you might as well not waste your time. We are in this life for a reason, and that reason is partially to learn lessons. There are entities who can help you in life, but you shouldn't be in it to use them. Friendship is a two way street. You may reach your goals quicker with these other dimensional entities, but they will not do all the work for you. Also remember that these entities do not exist to bring you things.  They are not your slaves bound for your pleasure. It is a friendship bond that the both of you share, and friendship bonds go both ways. If you're not doing your part in the friendship between you and the entity, they won't do their part. Think of this very much like a physical life friend. You don't use your friends.

       Some of these beings want to help raise our consciousness, to aid in spiritual awakenings to be a spiritual guide or guardian to us, and help us grow and learn. They want us to see our soul power and use it for beneficial reasons. This should be a mutually positive relationship, in which both sides, you and the entity, set the mood and the terms of the relationship. 

           Also you must be able to trule hear. So can you listen? This isn't just hearing, but listening for them?  Also if you want an them to cause harm to someone, or you want to control someone or forcifully make someone love you. That isn't a good intention for spirit working. The spirit realm entities and elemental entities that we have come into contact with will not cause any harm to anyone intentionally. They will not manipulate and control someone so you can get what you want.  This will cause you a great amount of Karmic Debt and harm. Oh yeah, and those spells to wash away karmic debt... in my opinion are bullshit. If a human does a crime, they have to pay for that crime in some way according to the laws right? Remember the song that says, "I fought the law and the law won?" Think of that when you're thinking of karmic laws and karmic debts. If you have a desire to learn to forgive, and allow the cosmic forces to correct those that have crossed you, then it would seem spirit working is for you.

          If you have patience and persistence, you would be an excellent spirit worker or spirit keeper.  If you have the patience to build a relationship with these entities or a desired sort of entity, and don't demand proof on a daily basis, then this seems to be a path that would work well for you. If you do not have patience to grow a friendship with your spirit friends, then you might want to consider not getting into spirit working or spirit keeping.  A friendship with an other world entity takes time to build. Just like a friendship in our physical plane. It depends on the entity, the human, and their individual commitment and personalities. If you expect proof or a manifestation to occur everyday, or immediately, then you aren't ready for this journey. If you were not advanced with your psychic abilities before you had Otherworld Entities, you will not become advanced in a few days.  This is a spiritual journey, not a quick fix to psychic improvements. If you give them the time, patience, and reverence they deserve, they can be a powerful ally in your life. Your goals come about quicker, your life seems a bit easier and much more enchanting.

            If you're ready to take this journey then we are honored to let you know that we have begun sharing our enchantments with the world. We have begun listing enchanted, more popularly termed as haunted, items in our Dark Secret Creations shop through bonanza. Our items are normally all handmade and coven cast with our spirit team that we work with. Currently we have djinn connections, elemental spirit connections, and much more on the way. So go check it out at the link below.

Two of our items that are currently up and ready are below.

Elemental Water Fairy Connection Hand Painted Stone

Djinn Connection Hand Painted Glass Stone, Djinn Haunted Stone

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