Thursday, October 12, 2017

Autumn Fire Spell

Hello this is Melody sharing one of my recent videos from my personal YouTube. I go into my own Book Of Shadows and share a spell that I think is very important. It's an Autumn Fire Spell, and in this video I take you through all the steps. This is an all purpose spell that you can use for whatever spiritual intent you'd like. I hope this video helps you see that spells can be very beautiful, peaceful as well as powerful. When casting any spell, please be mindful of your intention. Only cast if you're sure that you want that intention to come true. Remember the phrase, "be careful what you wish for." Well in this case it would say, "be careful what you cast a spell for." You just might get it, and if you do the spell with pure intentions, you should definately get it. 

If you're interested in me or Dwayne casting a spell for you then please go to the link below and browse through some of our Spells and Rituals on our Bonanza shop. 

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