Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ascended Masters: Who Are They?

An Ascended Master is also something I like to call an earth guardian. But it is a being who has become Self-Realized and serves earth, humanity, and other physical worlds in need. They are beings who have raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light. They can come and go at will from the earth plane without the Birth or Death cycle. Self-Realization is the awareness of ourselves and the connection we have with everyone else. It is like a connection with the universal cosmic energies, a divine linking between all souls. This also means that the ego-self has come to know itself so clearly, so lovingly, so wisely that it is no longer run by the Shadow. When one is in the Illumined State or Self-Realized, there ceases to be any more inner or outer drama. The personal ego-self has surrendered fully and willingly into the loving embrace of the Soul. The ascended masters can be world leaders who have ascended to a very heightened degree on their soul journey, spiritual leaders, various Gods and Goddesses of all different Pantheons throughout human history, certain extraterrestrials who are also very advanced and ascended in their soul journey with spiritual enlightenment, Galactic Federation Of Light, Councils Of Light , angel figures/ beings from the realms of light, certain higher dimensional entities, etc. They are spiritual leaders and souls who have progressed in their soul path to a point of being very highly enlightened and aware. They can come and go from various dimensional levels without the need of physical bodies or restrictions. They are very powerful beings with a lot of love, light, and wisdom to give. 

Cosmic Blessings

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