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Written Channeled Messages
Vulpecula Constellation Alien Channeling, Posted March 22, 2018
Pleiadian Council Of Light Channeling, Posted March 23, 2018
5D Consciousness Realms Of Light Channeling, Posted April 5, 2018
You Have A Sun Within You!! Sun God's Channeling, Posted April 5, 2018
Galactic Federation Of Light Channeling Overcoming Stress, Posted April 6, 2018
Summer Rose Star Channeling, Posted April 22, 2018
Arcturian Starseed Cosmic Alignment Coding Channeling, Posted April 2018
Horus Channeled Message On Celestial Enlightenment, Posted April 2018
Lemurian Entities Channeled Message, Posted April 2018
Angelic Elite Forces With Archangel Gabriel and Michael, Posted April 2018
Apollonian Council Alpha Centauri, Posted May 23, 2018
Apollonian Greetings Message, Posted May 23, 2018
Nibiru Approaching Galactic Channeling, Posted May 24, 2018

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