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Cosmic Blessings!!
We are Dwayne & Melody and began Dark Secret Creations in 2013. It all began with a series of spiritual awakenings. We began to fine tune the psychic abilities we had always possessed, and became more aware and connected with the spirit realms. So this ushered us to take our spiritual paths more seriously. We began embracing our soul paths. Dwayne is an earth element and specializes in Shamanic practices. Melody is a water element and specializes in witchcraft Pagan practices. We began to use tarot and oracle decks, divination practices, and it felt like second nature. Through the connection with the spirit realms we began channeling through various methods. Our journey led us to offering psychic readings, tarot & channeled message readings through our Etsy shop. But we decided to broaden, because we both had a hobby of making jewlery in our spare time. So we combined our creative forces with our connection to the spirit realms, and Dark Secret Creations was born!! We created a website and made a full shop where we offer a wide range of things. Jewelry, haunted items, enchanted items, spell casting services, our psychic readings, metaphysical tools, pendulums, and much more!! 

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Shop Updates:

Dwayne's birthday is coming up soon!! It's on April 30th. If you'd like to leave him happy birthday wishes then please feel free to do so via the comments section of this website. 

New items soon to come in our Bonanza Shop. We are open for readings all week. So book yours now and we can get started.  

If you're interested in channeled messages from higher dimensional entities, alien entities, angelic realms, etc. then please go check out our StarlingsOfLight Youtube Channel.

New Items Available

Four new items in our shop with more to come very soon. See photo below for reference on what is new. 

Click here to go to our New Listings!!

Two new rituals are also available in our shop. See photo below for reference on what is new.

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